April 24, 2024

Founder and General Overseer of the Victory in His Presence Church Apostle Godfred Hackman Quaye has asked Ghanaians to pray for the parliament of Ghana and the country as doom is ahead.

The man of God said he sees danger looming in the legislative house, with confusion and tension rising.

According to him, the incident that characterised the January 7, 2021, swearing-in of the Speaker and the military involvement would be doubled.

He declared that there would be guns and other offensive weapons in the house.

Narrating what he claimed to be a prophecy, he said he saw several flies flying in parliament, and after a few moments, six of the flies representing six MPs fell, which meant that if we did not pray, we could lose the lives of six MPs.

He has, therefore, charged his church members and Ghanaians to pray fervently to avert this calamity.

He also went ahead to prophesy that the 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections would be bloody, as we would witness the deaths of 16 people. These prophecies, he said, can be prevented if Ghanaians pray.

“I went to Ghana’s Parliament, and I saw a lot of flies. Flies were buzzing around everywhere. We could not see anybody or human beings. We only saw the flies. All of a sudden, I saw six of the flies fall. Was this not the same place I asked you to pray for the late Professor Kwesi Botchwey? Have you forgotten?

I repeat, six of the flies fell. In the same parliament where there was confusion, someone slapped another person, and we saw another MP run away with the papers, we will witness something worse in 2024. I am saying that what we saw previously would be worse. We will see the wielding of guns. Just wait and see what will happen. The 2024 election is going to be very serious. About 16 people will lose their lives. May the Lord have mercy on us. This is serious, and we have to pray against it. We have to pray for the Northern Region; that is where it will start.”

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