May 22, 2024


A letter from the Ministry of Finance addressed to the Ministry of Roads and Highways in part “recommended rates for input by the Ministry of Roads and Highways to enable this Ministry to finalize the schedule of fees under the upcoming Legislative Instrument.”

Speaking in a discussion on High Radio Breakfast Show, the communication team member of the opposition NDC In the Tano South Constituency of the Ahafo region, Mr. Oga Quashiga Arjololo indicated that the NPP in opposition said Ghanaians are made to pay more taxes hence their party when given the mandate will ensure Ghana is moved from taxation to industrialization and production but the NPP after being given the mandate have introduced more tax than ever.

He noted that the NPP government under Nana Akufo Addo’s administration has gained more revenues than any other government in the history of Ghana with nothing better to write home about despite the huge amount of revenues being accrued from the citizens stressing that the reintroduction of road tolls is a clear indication that this NPP government is a failed one with no better governance ideas that can develop the country.

He added that this NPP government thought it wise to cancel the road tolls to replace them with E-Levy which he said the road tolls couldn’t materialize.

He said toads minister should have been in court by now if Nana Akufo Addo is serious to govern this country because the minister has caused financial loss to the country therefore the next NDC government will ensure the prosecution of the roads minister for doing more harm than Good to the country.


On His side, Hon. Appiah Joseph, the Assembly member of Atɛkyɛm electoral area in the Tano South municipality, who is also a communication team member of the NPP denoted that he was not in support of the cancellation of the road tolls hence its reintroduction is essential and will increase the revenue mobilization in the country denoting that section of Ghanaians are not much into the payment of tax which keep affecting revenue generation.

He, therefore pleaded with politicians to be fair to Ghanaians in their decision-making for an adequate understanding.

Describing the decision by the road minister to abolish road tolls as a haste one, he said it wasn’t necessary for road tolls to be canceled hence government must intensify its communication machinery in ensuring that every new policy to be introduced is well communicated to the people adequate comprehension.

He called on the government to say sorry to Ghanaians for the abolition of the road tolls.


Story By: Kwaku Mensah Abrampa

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