May 24, 2024

This is an actual event where people parade large penises down the street and yell profanities amidst the celebrations

The Penis Festival, also known as the Phallus Festival, has a long history in ancient Greek traditions. It dates back to a time when the Greeks honoured Dionysus, the god of wine, parties, and fertility.

During these ancient fertility rituals, the penis symbolised virility, growth, and the circle of life. It was believed that celebrating it would bring about abundant harvests and prosperity to the community.

Held on the first Sunday in April, people skip church services to parade through the town with oversized penises in celebration of the festival.

In previous times, it used to be a symbol of fertility, but the modern-day Penis Festival has shifted its focus towards nothing but plain humour and fun.

The festival has become a time for locals and visitors to let loose and enjoy a day of laughter, jokes, cussing, and playful banter.

During the event, everyone is expected to come with a fake penis and you’ll notice these penis symbols literally everywhere.

They are made of wood, paper, clay, or even sugar. You can see them adorning tables, benches and even acting as totem sculptures at crossroads. People kiss the fake penises, take selfies with them, wear them as accessories, and even parade around the town dancing with them.

As the day progresses, the spirit of celebration continues with feasting on traditional Greek foods. The treats mostly on display are baklava, honey puffs, and souvlaki, a type of grilled meat. You won’t be surprised, though, that there is also bread made to shape like penises, just like this one.

If you ever visit Greece during this period, don’t miss the chance to witness this unusual Penis Festival. I’m sure the memory and experience are ones you’ll carry with you for a long time.

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