April 24, 2024

The Member of Parliament for Suhum in the Eastern Region, Oboafo Kwadwo Asante, has been caught in an audio recording telling some New Patriotic Party (NPP) members that the Deputy Minister for Youth and Sports, Evans Opoku Bobie, had described the people of Suhum as not right thinking.

On the audio in possession of lots of residents of Suhum and the media, Oboafo Asante said: ‘’When I told him that I was rehabilitating the park from my own pocket, the Deputy Minister said you should have done for these….’’

The revelation by the MP has sparked huge uproar among the people of Suhum as they feel offended by what the Deputy Sports Minister allegedly said about them.

It has not been ascertained whether or not the Deputy Minister uttered the words that the MP told the delegates he uttered.

Per the audio, the MP could not reprimand the Deputy Sports Minister for denigrating the people of Suhum and that is what is creating anger among the delegates.

Oboafo Asante was heard on the tape telling the delegates that the Deputy Minister was shocked that he had been able to rehabilitate the park, although he was a first time MP.

‘’I wanted to come and perform the commissioning of the Roman park with minister of youth and sports but he told me to come with the deputy minister’’ the Suhum MP said on the tape.

‘’ When I saw the deputy minister in Parliament, said Kwabena, you will come and do this work for me’’ he said.

He said: ‘’The Deputy Minister asked whether the project was astroturf or natural park, he asked further whether the project was financed by the Sports Ministry or from my pocket.

‘’When I told him that it was self-financed, he asked how much and I told him, he then remarked, sorry, forgive me for using that word, he said, these fools, these fools that you are using your money to do things for, these fools that when you do things for them, they don’t appreciate.’’ Oboafo Asante said.

According to him, he was very surprised, because it was a discouraging remark for him.

The NPP delegates at Suhum are saying that their MP did not exhibit leadership for failing to reprimand the Deputy Minister, if indeed he uttered those words.

What is making them angrier is the fact that he had the impudence to repeat the insults to them when he was meeting them to solicit their votes in the upcoming primaries to elect a Parliamentary candidate for the 2024 elections.

According to the delegates, Oboafo Asante, cannot be trusted to defend the good people of Suhum, going forward.

Oboafo Asante is seeking the mandate of the delegates to contest again in 2024.

The NPP, has scheduled January 27, for its parliamentary primaries.

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