February 21, 2024


The Chief Executive Director of Educate Africa Institute (EAI), Mr. William Boadi has hinted that the motive behind the Nana Addo’s decision to instantly implement free Senior High School after winning 2016 elections was politically invented and targeted.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with High Radio’s Kwaku Mensah Abrampa in the wake of IMF calls on authorities to review the Policy, the CEO of the Education Think Tank, Mr. Williams Boadi denoted that the FSHS policy ought to have been implemented in 2020 instead of 2017 where the preparation towards the policy wasn’t standardized hence leading to series of shortfalls after its implementation.

He said 2017 when the president implemented the free Senior High School through to 2019 should have been used for preparation and the construction of classrooms and other infrastructure to keep the country in good shape to make the free SHS a complaints-free project indicating that policies should not be implemented in the same year of its introduction because it may come out with shortfalls.

He said the policy is a calculated attempt to gain more votes in the 2020 general election and for other political benefits hence the swift implementation of the policy without considering the problems that may arise from it.


He reiterated that leaders should concentrate on building an effective basic educational foundation to ensure the basic schools are well-equipped with human, capital and other resources to unveil and polish God-given talents because not all school-going children have to be enrolled in the Free Senior High School but to develop their talents in basic level to make life bearable for them.

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He concluded with the need to focus on discovering talents at the basic level explaining that when these talents are detected earlier it will save costs for the country.

He emphasized the need to halt the Free Senior High School policy implementation and introduced an effective scholarship scheme without nepotism and favoritism


By: Kwaku Mensah Abrampa

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