April 24, 2024

Chief of Army Staff, Major General Thomas Oppong-Peprah, has described as “unfounded” the claims that he rejected the appointment as the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS).

He is also worried over what he described as “unwarranted attacks” directed at him.

Speaking to soldiers at the Burma Camp on Monday, January 15 2024, Major General Oppong-Peprah said he was not happy at the negative attention focused on him.

He referenced a publication which reported he had rejected the CDS appointment, situation the report said stalled military reshuffling.

He also alleged that some are currently using spiritual means to attack him.

The General went on to detail the extreme lengths the rumours have reached, including claims of attempts to harm him through mystical means.

“The name Oppong-Preprah is stirring stomachs and heads and creating fear in people. I don’t understand why and so I have been attacked and they keep attacking me.

“Even this morning just before I got here, a publication was sent to me where it is being indicated that I have refused to accept the appointment of CDS and as a result, there is stop in the military shakeup.”

“I have been taken to juju people and all that. We have pictures of it. In fact, it was one of the military police gentlemen who brought me pictures. But I am still standing here, I am not dead and I will not die. If you can’t cope with what I do, just sit down and zip up. That is all,”

“For the past four years together, teamwork we have achieved so much and people are jealous of us. That is all. I did not do it, we did it as an army together with my staff officers and everyone. Commanding officers team going to Bundase and adding to whatever we are doing over there. It is teamwork, it is not me, Oppong-Preprah so don’t attack me,” he added

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