April 12, 2024

Some young men are reported to have returned a snake to a spiritualist after they failed to realise the money-making effects of the reptile.


The snake, said to be a money-vomiting one, is said to have failed the young men, leading to their action.


Captured in a news report on UTV and shared on their Twitter handle, a reporter with the channel said that this was noticed by some residents of a community at Nkurakan when they noticed the young men with a chop box.


He said that the residents, thinking the box might have contained school items for, perhaps, someone going to senior high school, got the shock of their lives when the box was opened up.


“Some people at the Airport area noticed that some young men were carrying a box, which they thought was a box that was to contain provisions for one of their siblings going to school. It turned out that this was not the case. The men then left the box in the open, saying that whoever owns the box should come for it because it is not something they wanted any longer.


“The residents, out of curiosity, rushed to go and check what the box contained, only to realise that there was a big snake in it. They then asked the men what the issue was and they said the snake had been given to them and told that if they fed it with eggs, it would vomit money for them after 30 days. They added that the 30th day was the day before this report but they were yet to even receive a coin from the snake,” he stated.


The reporter added that the young men had told the residents that they had been promised by the spiritualist that the snake would vomit all sorts of currencies, from foreign to local, but none of that has materialised.


The men added that the spot they left the box was the very one the spiritualist met them at.


The reporter added that the activities of young men engaged in spiritual activities for wealth had become common.


Watch the report below:



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