May 24, 2024

The Leader of the Congregation of Church of Theocracy, Apostle Dr. Kadmiel Agbalenyoh has stated that it was inhuman sexual activities which provoked God so much that, He regretted creating humankind upon the earth.

This, he indicated, is captured in the Bible so the country’s leaders should do all that they can to reject the Homosexual Democracy some Developed nations are trying to force on less endowed countries.

Dr.  Agbalenyoh also noted that God destroyed the whole world except the household of Noah in the past because of the evil practice of Homosexuality.

He stated these at a press briefing on Lawful Human Sexuality Rights at Humidakrom near Pokuase in Accra recently.

Dr. Agbalenyoh also noted that Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns there also were destroyed because of homosexual activities and that only two children of Noah were spared when God remembered Abraham.

According to him, God, the creator and King of the whole world had prohibited Homosexuality, Lesbianism, and bestiality on earth describing these acts as an abomination.

He explained that God shall surely put to death persons who embarks on the above acts that He abhors.

Dr. Agbalenyoh emphasized that, Jesus had predicted that unlawful Sexual Human Activity would emerge on the earth prior to his Second coming as it happened in the days of Noah.

He stated that Homosexuality, Lesbianism, and bestialism are all abominable acts that attract death as punishment.

Dr.  Agbalenyoh said persons who get themselves in these acts would have their blood upon them.

He further said Human rights awareness took place in 1960.  He continued that the political authorities were pressurized to consider and recognize homosexuality, though homosexual practice was not legitimated in the universal law.

Dr.  Agbalenyoh said the international law thoughtfully recognized heterosexuality.

He said according to the international law men and women of full age without any intimidation due to race, nationality, or religion, have right to marry and to found a family.

Dr.  Agbalenyoh said the world Court of Human Rights Judges had stoutly stated that homosexual practice is not human rights.

He said the World Court of Human Rights established verbatim that there is no right to same sex marriage.

Dr.  Agbalenyoh said the World Court’s 47 Judges from 47 countries, audaciously silenced and endorsed the ruling that there is no right to same sex marriage.

He said the World Human Rights Court, decision was based on natural order, common sense, scientific reports, and positive law.

Dr.  Agbalenyoh said what the supporters of LGBTQ are saying is that are saying is that the act is a constitutional and not Human Rights issue.

On the British Homosexual Law, Dr. Agbalenyoh averred that in 1967, United Kingdom passed homosexual law that consenting two male adults could engage in homosexual activity if they are 16 years old.

Apostle Agbalenyoh noted that certain Western European Nations have recognized homosexual Practice however the United States of America had formally legalized the Homosexual Practice on earth in 2015.

He said unfortunately United Nations, European Union, and British Commonwealth of Nations and perhaps Vatican City quickly adopted the US Homosexual Law.

Dr.  Agbalenyoh said acceptance of the Homosexual law by Countries has now become the requisite for 21stCentury Democratic governance on earth.

According to the United Nations Agenda, most nations would legalize homosexual practices on earth without controversy.

He feared the Western Powers who are behind Homosexual Democracy would force Ghana to legalize homosexual practices in Ghana.

Touching on divine remedy for homosexuality, he said no religious, political, and socio-economic authority could deliver the world out of its affliction and plagues, except the Almighty God that created the World.

He said truly repentance from regressions of the religious, political and traditional rulers might be the right healing for the World.

Apostle Agbalenyoh said that it is written in the scriptures that if the people would humble themselves and pray to seek God’s face He would forgive them their sins.

Apostle Agbalenyoh called on our leaders to do all that they can to resist the pressure from the Western powers to accept homosexual practice in Ghana despite Western Countries sanctions that go with countries which refuse to endorse and legalize the practice.


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