April 24, 2024

Reports reaching Our Source reveal that, the Ghana Armed Forces’ mission; GHABATT 88, has been rocked by allegations of attempted rape, leading to two officers names withheld, being recalled to Ghana for investigations.

A senior officer with the rank of a Lieutenant colonel (Lt. Col.) and his female victim with the rank of the Lieutenant, are said to be assisting Ghana’s military authorities with investigations, but there are fears that the military hierarchy will attempt to as usual shield their own by hushing up the embarrassing development, which occurred in Lebanon.

This paper’s military insiders, revealed that the Lieutenant Colonel, had initially sought to deny the rape attempt with his colleague officers ready and willing to side with him until the lady in the question produced a damning evidence against him, forcing the investigators to coil in shame.

The victim, who is a married woman, had produced her uniform which was heavily soaked with the sperm of the senior officer to the military investigators.

He was said to have pulled out his penis, forcing his way into the lady and in the process discharged his sperm onto her uniform.

The lady is also said to be married to another officer of the Ghana Armed Forces.

The Herald is informed of some instances of this nature in the Ghana Armed Forces, which oftentimes is swept under the carpet.

Available to this paper is the name of another officer, who was caught to have fixed cameras in a female bathroom inside Burma Camp, videoing naked female officers and downloading the footage onto his laptop computer to satisfy his unconscionable sexual cravings.

This paper is informed that, instead of sacking him of the despicable conduct, the military hierarchy last year, simply gave the Lieutenant what was said to be “six months loss of seniority”.

Desperate efforts were made by some senior officers not to Court martial him, and he has since remained in uniform with many of the female officers confused as to whether videos of them naked are still in his possession and  will such footages found their way into the public domain.







Source: The Herald

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