May 21, 2024

A Ghanaian man, known as Tony, is seeking justice after revealing that he spent GHC120,000 to wed a pregnant police officer who he later claimed that the pregnancy belonged to another man.

He stated that his wife, Belinda Asantewaa, disclosed her pregnancy to him only two weeks before their wedding, but he accepted to marry her regardless.

Tony shared his ordeal on a radio programme on Kumasi based Oyerepa Fm, where he claimed his policewoman wife gave his baby to a customs officer.
Another man came forward to make the same claim and insisted that the baby was his child.

“I am married to a policewoman called Belinda Asantewaa who lives in Cape Coast and works at Bakaano Police Station and we’ve been married for one year, six months. A day into our marriage when she told me she was one month pregnant. We still got married and she delivered. I named the child and after I learnt that another man has also come to name the child with her mother involved, he painfully narrated.

On confronting his wife and her family, he discovered that the biological father was a well-known customs officer who did not want the matter public.

He has since made a demand for compensation of the money he expended on the wedding, which the family has refused to reimburse him.

“They asked me to list the money I spent for the engagement and wedding so they pay me. I did as they requested and gave it to the father who is also a well known police officer. After giving them the list the lady told me they don’t have money to pay me. I’ve been waiting for over four months now but haven’t heard anything from them,” he added

He has, however, called for justice and highlighted his wife’s threatening behavior towards him.



Source: DGN


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