May 22, 2024

Dear Mr former President,

Let me first of all congratulate you and your NDC cult on your elections.

We all knew this day would come. We all knew it was just a matter of time. We all knew that it was inevitable that you were going to be the NDC flagbearer for election 2024.

Of course, I for one have no difficulty with you trying to have another shot at the job
but can you please tell the Ghanaian people how you came by all the money splurged around in the primary season?

Respectfully sir, I have heard you speak about how you seek to break the influence of money in politics. It is your claim that “moneycracy” is bad for us as a society, and yet you doled out a whopping ghc15million for the 355,000 voting delegates who took part in the weekend elections.

Truly, you blown away that kind of money in a single day in a country where nearly half of the population lives below the poverty line on $2 a day.

In this era of unstable economic realities, where every one is preaching against profligacy, you’re busy splurging all in an attempt to buy the NDC nomination?

How about the money you spent across the entire 275 constituencies on your rounds?

Sir, do you even have the moral weight or authority to talk about our economic situation when you go about spending money anyhow like an “Arabian King” on an election that we all know you alredy had in the bag?

As a citizen of Ghana and an activist, I demand of you to be accountable to the people of Ghana over your campaign finances. Who are your donors and what have you promised them in return?

If the NDC you lead still cherishes probity, accountability, and social justice, then you should be out there accounting to your supporters regarding the cash you spread around in this primaries.

Again, earlier today, I listened to you spew out load of tosh about things you would want to come back to. You touted yourself as s new hero who’s coming to save Ghana.

In actual fact, you made the point that you would work to abolish payment of Ex-gratia and cut out waste.

Mr former President, why did it take you this long to realise that Ex-gratia is an aberration? After collecting your Ex-gratia as Member of Parliament, Vice president and president? How farcical can it get for you?

You also made yet another funny point indicating that you would return banking licenses that were unjustly revoked.

Respectfully sir, under whose tenure did we experienced the banking sector crisis leading to the collapse of the banks? It was under leadership, mr former President. You actually messed up the banking sector so much so that President Akufo-Addo had no choice but to revoke their licenses and clean up the sector.

So, where is your credibility in all this?

Respectfully sir, you and your NDC are indulging in an astonishing display of naval gazing if you believe you can ever be elected into government again. Indeed, your well known records of incompetence, corruption and gluttony is there for all to see; from your insensitive remarks to the trainer nurses, your objections of being a dead goat to all the corruption allegations against you while in office, the Saglemi fraudulent housing deal and the Airbus corruption.

Sir, do you honestly think Ghanaians will vote for you again to come and reign for four years and to continue with your grossly indisciplined leadership?

Mr former President, are you coming back to create, loot and share? Are you coming back to take bribes on government contracts?

Do you really think Ghanaians have forgotten the hardship you took them through? The four years of the “Dumsor economy?”

A leopard never changes its spot, and Ghanaians are very much aware of this.

Your so-called new image that you keep shoving down the throat of your superters can’t obfuscate and distract the good people of Ghana from your chequered past records.

Indeed, the NDC under your watch is now finished as a political force. It’s now the party of protest and loony fringe of propagandists brought together under a bizzare circumstances.

Alas the time has come to fall on your sword. Now is the time for your moment of anagnorisis.

Please realise that the NDC is currently unelectable under your leadership.

I shall return

Sincerely yours,

Ernest Kofi Owusu Bempah Bonsu (Deputy Director of Communications – NPP)


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