June 14, 2024


The Nneka Mini Camp 2023, held at Dzelukope in the Keta Municipality saw 1,350 participants from 3 districts; Anloga, Keta and South Tongu receive transformative experiences over a 3day period between the 20th to 23rd of June.


In collaboration with the Municipal and District Chief Executives and Education Directors,

Nneka Youth Foundation set out to host 500 campers aged 12 and above. By close of 20th, the day of opening, over a thousand three hundred participants arrived in camp. Thanks to the Anloga District Chief Executive Hon Yormevu, who provided free transportation for his participants.


The 3-day camp offered diverse activities designed to promote holistic development and foster a sense of self-belief. The participants were engaged in interactive sessions focused on leadership and personal development. Expert facilitators guided them through educational talks, skill-building exercises, and team-building activities.


The Keta Municipal Chief Executive, Hon.Emmanuel Gemegah admonished Parents to see the program as a life transforming one for their wards.He advised the participants to take the moral and motivational lessons seriously and apply them to better their lives.He called for the program to be repeated in Keta every year.


The Anloga District Director of Education, Mrs Yvonne Akpene

Ame-Bruce and the Keta Municipal Director Mr. Avudzivi told the campers to focus on their studies and be disciplined

instead of engaging in social vices that may destroy their future.

They also advised them to relax and learn new skills and make new friends.


Mrs Cecilia Fiaka the founder said it is the vision of the Foundation to reach out to all children of school going age, especially in the underserved communities in Ghana, to give them a mindset to keep them in school to learn and become responsible adults.

She called on all stakeholders to come on board to realise this vision.


Overall, the program was successful. A lasting impact made, a platform for growth, learning, and meaningful connections enabled. Participants were inspired and empowered to make positive changes in their lives and communities.

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