July 20, 2024

It was a smile for some delegates of the NDC when they received a top up after the secret once they received before the election kicks off.

In a video captured by Ghanaxpress.com reporters who visited the Akan constituency in the Oti Region, delegates were captured receiving Gh50 cedis notes us top up.

This was after the aspirant, Ahmed muniru aka Orenzo was provoked by some supporters of other aspirants on his financial capacity in the race.

In the video, Orenzo was telling the aspirants to vote for him as they take his money.

” Take the money and go and vote for me, if you don’t vote for me I leave it to God, Go and bring the money bag”, he called for more money from his driver.

Ahmed muniru could pull only 251 votes after the cash he displayed.

The incumbent MP, Yao Gomado pulled 448 votes out of the 1,055 delegates to retain his seat on the NDC ticket of the Akan constituency.

Emmanuel Dabo who’s hope and arrival shook the grounds pulled 351 votes.

This suggests a widespread practice of vote- buying, which is not only unethical but also illegal.

This development should be a matter of concern to the party members and supporters.

It is important that the party takes swift action to investigate these allegations and ensure that the primary process is free and fair.

The use of money to influence votes is not only a violation of democratic principles but also undermines the legitimacy of the electoral process.

It is important that all political parties and candidates adhere to ethical standards and conduct themselves in a manner that upholds the integrity of the democratic process.

Watch the video below


Source: Ghanaxpress.com

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