March 2, 2024

The Oti Regional 2rd vice chairperson of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Doris Abronyeh has accused some government appointees in the Oti Region of bad leadership, resulting in the slow pace of party attraction to the grassroots.

The second vice chairperson have expressed regret that the Minister, MMDCE’s and other appointees have failed to align with the grassroots, thus making them unable to avail themselves of the opportunities like jobs  that they can take advantage of.

Madam Abronyeh says the party is courting disaffection in the region because the expectations of most of those at the grassroots have not been met.

“The slots that they can access as party members working at the grass roots level do not benefit them because those in charge fail to execute those chances.” She lamented

She said the NPP in Oti Region will witness massive support and goodwill if government appointees collaborate with the grassroot and party executives.

She said there’s much pressure on party executives because they can’t have direct access to some of the appointees.

“It looks like we deny them slots, scholarships or other opportunities reserved for party faithful but we don’t see or hear when they come, meanwhile our colleagues in other region tell us what they benefit”

She admits the party needs a leader ahead of 2024 election but the process should be done judiciously.

“We don’t have a seat in the Oti Region so please let us give equal opportunity to party supporters to have their way in voting for the candidate of their choice without any intimidation because we belong to one party and all the candidates are members and part of us so please, let us be careful of our choice of words”

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