July 20, 2024

The Member of Parliament for Bibiani Anhwiaso Constituency, Alfred Obeng-Boateng has emphasised his preparedness to pay delegates of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to secure the party’s parliamentary ticket for the 2024 general election.

In a viral audio shared by Sompa FM, the MP noted that he paid as much as GHC3,000 per delegate during the previous primaries and that he is ready to match any competition from his contenders in terms of payment to delegates.

“I knew from day one that upon all the resistance I faced during my coming (into office), this time people will regroup more forces, pull their resources together and fight one person.

“So knowing all this, I know everyone’s financial strength; I know everyone’s financial limit here. So I know how much they can easily pull without being worried about it. When you have say a million Ghana cedis, you can give away GHC1,000 each without flinching.

“So we are about to go for primaries with about a thousand-two hundred delegates, the other time we paid around GHC3000 minimum per person and the primaries is coming again,” the MP said.

He emphasised that he has specifically saved money in dollars to avoid the impact of inflation and is prepared to pay as much as GHC20,000 to each of the 2,200 delegates in the constituency to secure the party’s parliamentary ticket.

“I am telling you that the money I will use for the primaries is in dollars and that money has been secured long ago, I must be frank with you. That is money I am not touching under any circumstance.

“So I laugh seeing all that they are doing, I have dollars there for that primaries. What I can tell my delegates is that I will pay more than double of what anyone who will contest me will offer them, they should take that from me. If they come together and decide to pay GHC10,000 per delegate I will pay more than that. Whatever they pay, even if they pay GHC20,000 I will pay more than GHC20,000 because I know how much I have put there; I know how much I have reserved. That is why I saved in dollars so that the money will not lose value,” he noted.

Alfred Obeng-Boateng is a first-time Member of Parliament currently serving as Vice Chairperson on Parliament’s Government Assurance Committee.

The NPP is preparing to elect a flagbearer and parliamentary candidates ahead of the 2024 general elections.

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