May 27, 2024

The former member of parliament for Jaman North Constituency who doubled as the former Bono regional deputy minister, Honorable Siaka Stevens has revealed the motive behind his decision to contest as parliamentary candidate in the upcoming parliamentary primaries.

Speaking to Newsmen in an interview, the Former Deputy Regional minister for the Bono region indicated that it is very important to have a vision attached to any leadership role bestowed on you and so his vision and mission as a Member of Parliament was not fully accomplished therefore he wants to come and reoccupy the seat to ensure the purposes for which he joined politics are well accomplished.

Mentioning some of the unfinished projects that have prompted his return to active politics after conceding defeat to NDC in the 2020 elections, he emphasized that a lot of requests and proposals were made for the construction of the deplorable roads in the district which approval was made and awarded to contract before his exit from parliament hence he is the right candidate to track back those contracts to ensure the completion of the construction of the road therefore, delegates and the entire electorates within the Jaman North constituency must select him as their parliamentary representative to ensure all developmental proposals laid before his exit from parliament are well executed.

He added that he targeted to spend 12 years (3terms) as a Member of Parliament so he has the remaining 1 term to spend before he leaves for the youths to proceed as he has done with 2 terms already.

Hon. Siaka Stevens strongly argued that he stands tall among the six contestants establishing that Jaman North NPP delegates must select their parliamentary candidate from Nafana land instead of the Bono-speaking enclave of the district because NDC has already selected a candidate from the Nafana land with over 8,000 eligible voters in Sampa, the Jaman North district capital alone and so NPP selecting a candidate from the Nafana division of the district will help them break the tie with NDC in Sampa during general election period then, each candidate and party uses their goodwill to attract votes from the rest of the surrounding communities to decide who wins.

He firmly argued that his comment was not born out of tribal sentiments but encouraged by the voting pattern in the district adding that if the NDC had selected their candidate from the Bono-Speaking part of the district, he would have rallied the delegates to also select their PC from there to ensure the spoils are shared among them during elections.


Story By: Kwaku Mensah Abrampa

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