May 21, 2024

The National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr Stephen Ayensu Ntim has addressed the media on the newly rolled out digital payment platform for membership dues and donations.

He underscored the need for members and sympathizers, both in Ghana and abroad to pay their monthly dues and donations to build a stronger party together.

The membership dues mode of payment and procedures ensure accountability. “We are convinced about that the new membership dues payment system is designed and structured into various categories, powered by an inbuilt technology, where every member can easily and conveniently pay their dues by simply dialing 920270#

The dues categories are as follows, monthly membership dues are four categories. Bronze category where you pay two cities per month. So that category you pay five cities per month. Gold category, you pay eight cities a month and the platinum category, you pay 10 cities and each one has this benefits.

According to Chairman Stephen Ayensu Ntim, as a way of motivating members to pay their dues; There will be benefits the details will be communicated to the general public soon by the party.

The party members, who may choose to contribute substantially towards the progress of the party as different levels, regional and national levels. The platform also allows the collection of the contributions of all patrons at each level.

“NPP, when we say a member in good standing, we are referring to a party member who has been paying his or her dues fully as required. This new membership dues structure is more convenient, transparent and efficient. The membership dues mode of payment and procedures ensure accountability.”


The dues categories are as follows:

• Bronze category – ₵ 2.00 per month
• Silver Category – ₵ 5.00 per month
• Gold Category – ₵ 8.00 per month
• Platinum Category – ₵ 10.00 per month.


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