April 24, 2024


I listened to Kwabena Agyapong the NPP flagbearer contestant. I can only say he is a breath of fresh air in their particular sea of madness. What he said during a brief encounter with the press after his vetting. He made a lot of sense, but unfortunately, that talk of “collegiate mentality” and “bringing morals back into public life. ” These are the sentiments and set of values we should be hearing *presidential aspirants prescribe. The type of men and women who are well groomed in high academia should be telling us about how they will instil probity and accountability back into the national psyche and not the boastful nonsense and foolishness we are witnessing nowadays.

Such persons are comprehensive to the complex realities of 21st-century politics and governance. But as it is these days, the more incendiary one’s comments are, the more garbage one spews, the more the likelihood one would be received and accepted by a gullible and ignorant people in society. He spoke very well and seemed to mean what he was talking about. Sadly, his ideas and the style of governance he is promising are alien to today’s collective mentality of his party members.

Coupled with the fact that he is not the type going round sharing monies and goods to delegates for votes, as it is legally and officially allowed these days. His chances of becoming the npp flag bearer is zero zero zero. I honestly believe this kwabena agyapong guy is much more capable than Kennedy Agyapong and Bawumia, but he speaks too truthfully and sensibily. There’s a deep sense of maturity and a statesman’s diplomacy about him that sets him apart from the rest. But you see, he is with the wrong crowd, they will reject him

NPP people, prove mansa musa wrong. Put mansa musa to shame by electing Kwabena Agyapong as your flag bearer





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