March 4, 2024


The National Treasurer of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Charles Dwamena, has sent a clear message to delegates, particularly ‘Super Delegates’, to settle all outstanding dues ahead of the upcoming internal elections.

He cautioned that delegates for both the Super Delegates election on August 26 and the national conference in November must settle their dues or risk being barred from casting their ballots.

NPP will be holding a special electoral college to choose five presidential aspirants out of the 10 who have successfully filed their nominations to lead the party.

The five chosen aspirants will then go into the final contest on 4th November, 2023 and the winner will lead the governing party as the flagbearer into the 2024 general election.

The NPP Constitution, according to the National Treasurer, stipulates that members must be in good standing to participate in the internal proceedings, including the selection of representatives and a flagbearer, insisting that, “No dues payment, no vote.”

Speaking on Peace FM last Friday, ahead of the Super Delegates election, the National Treasurer, popularly known as Dr. China, emphasised that this requirement is not meant to disenfranchise any member but rather to uphold the principles of fairness and integrity within the party.

He argued that political party financing is a daily activity because stopping it for a moment could potentially grind the party’s activities to a halt.

Mode of payment

Dr. China indicated that the party executives have put in a new system for paying dues by simply dialling 920270# on any mobile network and following the prompts, which is designed and structured into various categories powered by an in-built technology where every member can easily and conveniently pay their dues.

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NPP approved new fees for members across the country and also for all the external branches.

The new approved fees come in four categories; Bronze, GH¢2.00 per month; Sliver GH¢5.00 per month; Gold, GH¢8.00 per month; and Platinum, GH¢10.00 per month.

Dr. China explained that the new membership dues mode of payment ensures accountability and also provides for contributions from patrons.

“These are individual party members who may choose to contribute substantially towards the progress of the party at different levels from constituency, regional and national. The platform also allows for the collection of the contributions of all patrons at each level,” he explained.

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