April 24, 2024


If Ghana was a proper country with much sophisticated and enlightened people, it would’ve been the workers and youth standing in the picket lines to demonstrate on behalf of pensioners mansa musa writes ✍️


As we speak, pensioners in Ghana may have returned to their humble homes. They have returned home not from a pleasure walk or from what can be described as a nice day out, oh no! They’ve been compelled to go out to express their displeasure, their anger, and their utter disappointment in the knowledge of their hard earned pension contributions being collateralised by Akufo Addo, Bawumia, Ken biblical Ofori-Atta, by Kojo Oppong Nkrumah and by Alan Kyeremanteng. From where we stand, the akufo addo government want most Ghanaians to sacrifice part of their savings to help pay off debts. This pill is being made much more bitter to swallow by the behaviour and actions of government elites.


In just six and a bit years, people in the ruling circles have amassed so much wealth at the expense of Ghanaians who have spent all their adult lives working hard and playing little, just so that in their retirement, some returns(moneys) will be waiting for them. They had saved something small for when those savings will come in handy, never thinking that this day will come when they will have to beg to be given what lawfully belongs to them. At this same time, NPP elites would be airlifted all the way to ‘ enjiresi abrokyire ‘, London, to go celebrate Otumfour’s birthday. I was told this was not a thousand cedis bash. They say the amount spent for this birthday party runs into thousands of British pounds £££££s excluding flight cost, hotel cost, and gifts. Present at this birthday get-together included President Kufuor and other npp elites.


I have seen clips of some of the demonstrating pensioners talking tough to power. I just think it’s a bit too late now. These pensioners should’ve taken the earlier warning signals serious. Many intelligent forecasters, including MP Adongo and our own Kevin Taylor of LS radio in the US, mentioned this present money situation long ago. Many of you pensioners ignored them. Eni mu ende. Today, you see your belittled levels! But we still stand with you. After all if Ghana was a proper country with much sophisticated and enlightened people, it would’ve been the workers and the youth standing in the picket lines, demonstrating on behalf of pensioners just like their counterparts in France are doing.


Yesterday I wrote about what my naija friend said to me sometime ago, that is “you Ghana people, you are cheap.” Well, someone responded and wrote, “we Ghanaians are not just cheap. We are cowards.” To wit, I concur.





Source: ghanaxpress.com

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