May 21, 2024

In its quest to snatch power from the cruelest NPP, the Greater Accra Regional secretariat of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has organised orientation and capacity building workshop for the Communication Bureau department in Accra.

They, include Constituency Communication officers and their deputies, TV and radio panelists, social media communicators, callers and texters. It was on the theme; “Political Communication: A Tool For Rallying Support For Victory 2024.

The orientation and capacity building workshop was aimed at equipping them with the necessary skills and information to enable them discharge their responsibilities diligently for victory in the 2024 general election.

The one-day programme is one of many deliberate programmes by the Greater Accra regional NDC as it readies itself for campaigning towards the November 7 Presidential and Parliamentary election.

Addressing participants, the flagbearer of the NDC, former President John Mahama, underscored the significance of communication in electoral matters adding that; effective communication plays a pivotal role in propelling the NDC to victory and securing power in the political landscape.

He noted that in today’s fast-paced, information-driven world, effective communication serves as a powerful tool for political campaigns to effectively engage with voters, disseminate their vision, and influence public opinion.

Mr Mahama stated that communication is not just about delivering messages, but also about actively listening to the concerns and aspirations of the people. By fostering open lines of dialogue, empathy, and genuine engagement with the electorate, the NDC aims to build trust and establish a strong rapport with voters.

He added that this approach allows the party to better understand the needs of the people and develop policies and plans that truly address their interests.

The NDC flagbearer pointed out that communication is undeniably a critical element in electoral matters saying effective communication, dedication and determination will lead the NDC to victory.

Mr Mahama further stated that by focusing on building trust, crafting a powerful message, and utilizing modern communication platforms will win the minds and hearts of the electorates and will connect with them on a deeper level and secure electoral success for the NDC.

He urged the communicators to be consistent factual in their message stressing the importance of sticking to a unified message that resonates with the Ghanaian voters. This he notes that consistency is key to reaching voters and gaining their support.

Mr Mahama emphasized the need for the NDC communicators to remain dedicated to their messages and avoid contradicting themselves in public remindeding them that Ghanaian politics is all about convincing the voters to choose a particular party over others, so they should focus on communicating the party’s unique selling points and consistently articulate the party’s mission and vision to the voters.

The former President further noted that the cliché that the NDC and NPP are the same political parties is a common misconception among some individuals in society. However, it is important that this belief is dispelled as it undermines the fundamental differences between these two parties.

He added that while they may have a few similarities, NDC and NPP differ greatly in their philosophies, ideologies, and approaches to governance.

“For instance, the NDC is considered to be a left-wing political party with a social democratic ideology. This means they prioritize the welfare of the masses, and advocate for policies that expand access to healthcare, education, and basic social amenities. They believe in using government intervention to drive economic growth and have a stance of egalitarianism, which means they strive for a society where everyone is treated equally”.

“On the other hand, NPP is a right-wing political party with a conservative ideology. They believe in the power of markets and are committed to implementing policies that promote economic growth by reducing government intervention. NPP emphasizes the importance of individualism and self-reliance, and they encourage entrepreneurship and innovation”. He stated.

The General Secretary of the NDC, Fiifi Kwetey, reiterated the party’s main objective which is to empower the people which according to him, the NDC was established as a Congress, a platform for the masses to voice their opinions, share their concerns, and actively participate in the decision-making process.

Mr Kwetey stated that the party believes in democracy, social justice, equity, and fairness, and is fully committed to ensuring that the basic needs and aspirations of the people are met. He explained that the NDC’s vision is to build a vibrant and prosperous society where every citizen has equal and adequate access to resources, opportunities, and social amenities.

The NDC General Secretary affirmed the party’s unwavering support for the Ghanaian people, adding that the NDC will continue to work tirelessly to fulfill its mandate of serving the people and improving their living standards. He urged all Ghanaians to join hands and support the NDC in its quest to build a better Ghana.

The National Communication Officer of the NDC, Sammy Gyamfi commended the Greater Accra regional NDC communication bureau for their exemplary work and praised them for the high level of augment made in their communication efforts, and for being on top of their facts.

He expressed his satisfaction with the regional communicator’s dedication, urging them to continue with their hard work and to remain committed to the party’s principles.

Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi, emphasized the importance of effective communication in promoting the party’s agenda, and urged all party communicators to be focused and diligent in their work.

The National Communication Officer also took the opportunity to encourage party members to unite and work together towards the common goal of winning the upcoming elections.

On his part, the Greater Accra Regional NDC Communication officer, Jerry Johnson, stated that the workshop was organised for the constituency communication officers and their deputies, TV and radio panelists, social media communicators, callers and texters in the region to shape their communication skills in propagating and handling of party issues.

He said the orientation and capacity building workshop needed was necessary for all communicators to equip them in how to handle party communication going into 2024 general election and was hopeful that after the orientation and capacity building workshop would be strengthened and equip the communicators.

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