April 12, 2024

The Constituency Executive Committee of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Savelugu in the Northern Region, has suspended its Wataniya E/A School 1 Branch Secretary, Mr. Abubakari Abdul-Ghaniyyu with immediate effect.

“The constituency Executive Committee has resolved pursuant to Article 48, (A, B and C) of the party’s constitution to suspend you from the position as the Wataniya E/A School 1 branch secretary effective 9 January 2024 for a period of three (3) months. It is required that you hand over to your branch chairman all of the properties of the party and proceed accordingly”. A statement announcing his suspension said.

The statement signed by Alhaji Hassan Mohammed Sasa reads in part “The Constituency Executive Committee wishes to remind you about your earlier publication on social media which had the potential of ridiculing and embarrassing the party and the Hon. Member of Parliament who doubles as our parliamentary candidate: (see as attached – “to be frank & ti Doo maa ka bukaata”). I received my cutlass yesterday as a Branch Secretary”)”.

According to him, the publication was seen as an anti-party act which resulted in your summon by the constituency Executive Committee to justify such publication.

“It is instructive to note that, you were made to read Article 48 of the party’s constitution in the presence of the Executive Committee which you accordingly did and personally affirmed the proposition that the publication was indeed an anti-party conduct and pleaded for a pardon. Also, your personal plea was collaborated with your branch organizer and other constituency executives which was accordingly granted”, the statement added.

He indicated that the Executive Committee expected that, the remorseful behaviour exhibited by him during the meeting would have reflected in the change of behaviour notwithstanding the pardon that was granted to him by the Executives, he ignored all of his pledges and his responsibility as a branch secretary and made another publication that had the tendency of igniting the hope of their opponent in winning the seat.

“I’m forcing Hajia Fatahiya Abdul Aziz in the 9th parliament. If care is not taken, she’s winning the Savelugu seat. As a branch secretary with the responsibility of ensuring that the party emerges victorious in this year’s parliamentary and presidential elections, it behooved on you to have related the purported threats or potentials that you foresaw to the executives for consideration, but you opted to publish it on social media without recourse to the consequential effects on the party”, part of the announcement also stressed

Mr. Sasa disclosed that a referral to the constituency Disciplinary Committee was done in accordance with Article 48 Clause 2 and a communiqué shall be sent to him.





Source: MyNewsGh.com

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