April 23, 2024

In an effort to enhance cleanliness and sanitation, authorities in over 10 communities have conducted a comprehensive operation to apprehend domestic animals found roaming freely.

Eric Mensah, the Municipal Environmental Health Officer, revealed in an interview with Ghone that the swoop was organized by the local assembly

following numerous announcements urging residents to confine their domestic animals within fenced areas.

Mensah highlighted the unsanitary conditions caused by the unrestricted defecation of goats and sheep on the streets. He emphasized that such practices were detrimental to public health and needed to be addressed urgently.

To discourage this behavior, animal owners will be required to pay a fee before

they can retrieve their animals, accompanied by a stern warning to ensure that they are consistently kept in appropriate enclosures The Environmental Health Officer further explained that if owners fail to claim

their animals within a two week period, the Assembly will be compelled to sell

them at a reduced price in the market

This measure aims to incentivize prompt action and responsible animal

ownership. Mensah urged residents to recognize the importance of maintaining

proper fencing to uphold sanitation standards in the Mfantseman Municipality.

Mensah emphasized that this operation would be repeated every two weeks to

consistently improve hygiene levels in the communities.

The regularity of these exercises reflects the municipality’s commitment to maintaining cleanliness and promoting a healthier environment for its residents By conducting these operations periodically, the local authorities aim to instill a sense of responsibility among animal owners and ensure sustained progress in the overall sanitation of the area.

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