April 24, 2024

Lawyer Martin Kpebu has alleged that former sanitation minister Cecilia Dapaah has appeared in court crying over missing monies running into millions of Ghana cedis.

Kpebu said he was privy to more of the facts around the Cecilia Dapaah missing millions than are in the public domain due to his privileged position as an officer of the courts.

“Madam Dapaah has been crying about this money and I can say so, she has been crying about this money…this matter has come to a court last year, Madam Dapaah has come to testify, she was crying about that money…” he said on TV3’s Key Points programme over the weekend.

He continued that Ms. Dapaah had been cautioned against making the case a police case due to the susms involved but that she turned deaf ears to the appeals, in some instances made by lawyers.

“She was advised, lawyers advised Madam Dapaah that ‘hei this thing, be careful ooo, it would lead you to some trouble, (maybe) that’s just God’s way…

“Lawyers advised her that the way this money is so colossal, if you keep talking about it and it gets into the public domain, you will get trouble, I can tell you on authority,” Kbeu added.

Recent information from the Attorney General has revealed that the case even though had hit the public domain in June 2023 started out last year when the minister’s husband found one of the suspects in their room.

The initial report to the Tesano Police is not contained in a police docket to the A-G, whiles a Juvenile Court case filed against one of the suspects was also missing from the police docket which is focused on the Circuit Court case that brought the issue into the public domain.

Lawyer Martin Kpebu also alleges that lawyers of Madam Cecilia Dapaah informed her to stop speaking about the money she had lost because it was going to open a can of worms if the public finds out she kept those huge sums of money in her house pic.twitter.com/ky8u1Boe57
— Austine (@obiMpenaAustine) August 7, 2023


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