May 27, 2024

Residents of Pumpside, a suburb of Assin Fosu have been thrown into shock after they discovered a 58-year-old man, has committed suicide under a bizarre circumstance.

The deceased, Emmanuel Oteng, was found hanging with a dry line attached to a wood at the back of his house around 2:05 am on Saturday, November 25, 2023.

The deceased is believed to have been battling an intense boil disease for quite some time now and has been receiving treatment at a local hospital in the area.

He purportedly left an emotional suicide note to his wife and children suggesting the contribution they made towards his battle with the disease.

The note reads in twi “Yaa Mede Nyame Gya Mo, Onka Moho, W’ako nkoden”. To wit Yaa, I leave you under the protection of God, may he forever be with you for you have fought a good fight.

The wife of the deceased Madam Joyce Akomaning indicated her husband disappeared from the room at about midnight without her notice.

She mounted a search for his whereabouts where she later found his lifeless body hanging.

She shouted for help and subsequently reported to the police.

Police upon receiving the information rushed to the scene of the incident to ascertain the news.

The examination conducted on the body revealed a swollen jaw.

They removed the body and sent it to St. Francis Xavier Hospital in Assin Fosu where a medical Doctor on duty examined and officially confirmed the death.

The body has since been deposited at the same hospital facility morgue for preservation pending further investigation.

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