May 27, 2024

The Ashanti Regional Communications Director of the NPP, Paul Kwabena Yandoh has criticized the Former President John Dramani Mahama and the NDC for the inability to conduct exclusive investigations that triggered the death of the late President Mills.

Speaking on Wontumi Tv/Radio, he explains “John Mahama is responsible for the introduction of moneycracy in Ghanaian politics. He had to pave his way through to because he was not part of the Presidential race . So even if he had to murder people to be able to become president he would do so. If not that how could a President die like a fowl and be taken to the maternity ward and till now we do not know the cause of his death . How can a President die and the cause is not understood. Mr. Yandoh lamented that the NDC and Former President Mahama do not have the mandate to criticize government on issues of national disaster.

He cited an example using the June 4th disaster stating that, the victims have not been compensated

“What happened on June 4th was a combination of fire, fuel and water, those victims have not been sympathized nor compensated. The NDC could not do anything in supporting them”

The Asanti Regional communications Director also regretted on the number of security in the office of the Former President Mills and Amissah Arthur yet they died regrettably

“What we are saying is that a President does not die like a fowl because the number of people surrounding him, no one gets that type of security.”

By: Evans Manasseh/Audrey Miils Ofosu

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