May 27, 2024

A staunch National Democratic Congress (NDC) member Solomon Nkansah is challenging former President John Dramani Mahama to run for the presidency as an independent Candidate in Ghana if he believes the NDC is less popular and needs him more.



There are several NDC faithful who have suggested that if the NDC can win elections again, especially in 2024, their choicest best is John Mahama, but Mr. Nkansah disagrees.

He is however throwing a challenge to Mr. Mahama and persons who think the NDC cannot afford to lose him to encourage him to run as an independent candidate if he will get votes as he got under the NDC in 2012, 2016 and even 2020.

He claims Mahama’s popularity in Ghana’s politics was made possible by the NDC brand and not any doing himself.

Mr. Nkansah was speaking on Ultimate 106.9 FM in Kumasi with Cup of Tea show host Julius Caesar Anadem monitored by

“People say that he is the most marketed candidate, so the NDC is not marketed? The NDC party is not a brand? In the year 2000 the NDC party when we lost even in the round off the NDC got 44% and something so all those people who are making these statements out of selfish interest must know that the NDC is popular and well accepted that whoever you present to the Ghanaian electorate with the right marketing strategy, with the persons standing, structure, track record the NDC is not going to suffer at elections”



“This is what is going to hurt the NDC. Once upon a time, all those who were propagating this agenda, I advised them that if the brand (Mahama) was well marketed and marketable, popular and more famous than the NDC party then that brand should go for independence. Whoever maintains that the previous candidate is so popular that the NDC cannot bring in a new candidate, then those products do not need the company NDC” he said

“We will all know whether he is more popular than the NDC or not. Everybody shot to fame through the opportunities NDC offered him or her. In some instances there are been individuals who have contested as independent candidates for parliaments and have won across both parties, so why is Mahama not contesting as an independent flagbearer for the presidency”

“Let’s engage in a popularity contest and see, such comments that Mahama is popular make people reluctant in canvassing votes for the NDC and they daydream”

People say the man is too popular, he is too popular, he has gone to two elections and lost, don’t talk about popularity. The popular person is the one who wins” he noted.


















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