April 24, 2024

History has countless tragic chronicles of how the best of leaders be they monarchs, clergy, entrepreneurs or politicians lost the support of some of their loyalists because of the unchecked attitude of persons they surrounded themselves with. Such leaders were mostly made to believe all is well until reality dawns on them after the center is unable to hold any further.

Look at the face of the ‘powerful’ lady captured here: the name is Esther Dadzie, Secretary for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Effutu Constituency. She has become a case study of how a party loved by the people can be cracked into embittered factions under the guise of a supposed genuine hard work by one self-righteous individual.

The New Publisher, on Wednesday, would release the first part of a series of detailed exclusive analysis on her and her dealings in the Constituency. It promises to be a useful insight for leaders at all levels especially politicians and aspiring politicians. It is a jaw-dropping piece that would raise eyebrows.


Coming Soon……….

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