March 2, 2024

The Asante Professionals Club (APC-USA) chapter in the United States held its third annual conference and fundraising dinner to discuss and consider ways to influence the socioeconomic development of Asantemen in honor of His Royal Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II in advance of the 25th anniversary.

To conduct the brainstorming, it gathered Asante professionals and loved ones from several US states.

The happy occasion acknowledged Chairlady her excellency Pamela Bridgewater, the former US Ambassador to Ghana, Hon. Asenso Boakye, the MP for Bantama and Minister of Works and Housing, and a founding member of APC and a patron of APC-USA.

The conference’s central theme was “Leveraging Our Potentials to Promote Asanteman Development.”

The annual conference and fundraising dinner’s guest of honor was Nana Achia Deiwaa, Asantefuohemaa of Sweden.

The Asante Professionals Club-USA was thanked by Nana Achia Deiwaa, Asantefuohemaa of Sweden for their commitment and tireless efforts in promoting development in the Asante Kingdom of Ghana during her speech.

It thrills my heart to see the enthusiasm and dedication demonstrated by the Asante Professionals Club here in the United States, she said, adding that as Asantes living in the diaspora, our connection to the motherland remains strong.

She believes it is admirable that the Asante Professionals Club-USA is working to identify developmental issues in the Asante Kingdom of Ghana and come up with effective solutions through development-based initiatives.

To be able to accomplish their goals, she exhorts them to be resolute, resilient and focused.

The Asante Professionals Club-USA, according to Nana Achia Deiwaa, is a symbol of hope and a monument to the strong connection that Asantes have to their ancestral home.

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Speaking on the subject of “Leveraging Our Potentials to Promote Asanteman Development,” Asantefuohemaa of Sweden observed that the theme resonates deeply within me as we reflect on the rich history and potential of our great kingdom.

She emphasized that as they are ready to celebrate His Royal Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II’s 25th anniversary on the throne, the fundraising dinner assumes an even greater significance.

She stated, “As we plan to celebrate his remarkable reign, we also honour the legacy of leadership and service that he embodies”.


Nana Achia Deiwaa, further praises His Royal Majesty for his dedication to the advancement of the Kingdom, noting that the adoption of the Children’s Ward at Manhyia Hospital is clear evidence.

She added that the Manhyia Hospital Children’s Ward exemplifies the compassion and foresight with which Otumfuo Osei Tutu II leads the kingdom, ensuring no child in the kingdom is denied access to proper healthcare.

“His Royal Majesty’s commitment to the development of our kingdom is evident in his adoption of the Manhyia Hospital Children’s Ward. The decision to adopt the Manhyia Hospital Children’s Ward is not just a noble gesture but a call to action for all of us to unite and support this vital initiative. Indeed, it is with utmost humility that I stand here with you as you partner with the Manhyia Palace to execute the renovation and modernization of the Manhyia Hospital Children’s Ward and the procurement of baby incubators.”

Moreover, she noted that education should be another pillar that cannot be overlooked, and it is crucial for Asantes living abroad to impart their language and culture to their children.

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She asserts that by collaborating with other Asante groups, such as Asanteman Europe, they can leverage each other’s strengths, establish channels of communication, organize events, and create forums that facilitate the exchange of knowledge, fostering unity and purpose among Asante communities worldwide.


The challenges faced by Asanteman are numerous, and it is our duty as professionals of Asante descent to use their expertise and resources to address these socio-economic issues and drive positive change, she lamented.

“The challenges that face Asanteman are numerous. It is our duty, as professionals of Asante descent, to use our expertise and resources to address these socio-economic issues and drive positive change. As professionals living in different parts of the world, we have the advantage of exposure to diverse perspectives and approaches to problem-solving. We must leverage this network of Asante professionals to drive innovation, investment, and sustainable development initiatives in our homeland. I implore each one of us to embrace innovation and technology in our pursuit of development”.

By collaborating, the Asantes can leverage each other’s strengths in education, healthcare, infrastructure, and cultural preservation.

The Asantefuohemaa of Sweden stated that the development of the Asante Kingdom requires a collective effort from various groups, including APC-USA and Asanteman Europe.

“Unity is at the core of the Asante culture, and when united, it becomes an unstoppable force capable of creating lasting change”,

As the Queen Mother of the Asantes in Sweden, she pledges her unwavering support to the Asante Professionals Club-USA and all developmental initiatives.

She encourages all Asantes to embrace their roles as torchbearers of change and active agents of development, remembering that greatness can be achieved through collective action and a shared commitment to their heritage.

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