April 12, 2024

A Traditional Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Kwame Opando Sesa I, has called for the use of natural medicine to cure diseases in the country.
According to him, in the olden days when there were no Hospitals “our forefathers and mums had to depend on Herbal or Traditional medicine and they were very strong and healthier than nowadays that scientific medicine is the order of the day”.

Dr. Opando Sesa I, who is also the Head of Nii Kobina Dade Royal Family of Awutu Odupong Ofaakor in the Central Region, stated these in an Exclusive interview on Herbal Medicine at the Weekend at Awutu Ofaakor.

He explained that “our forebears were stronger than people of the present generation because in the past, our predecessors believed and used traditional medicine”.

Dr. Sesa I, emphasized that, it is the forefathers had full belief in traditional medicine they ate local foods and leaves instead of foreign foods that many people adore so much and even ignore the rich local foods.

The traditional medicine practitioner continued that now that “we claim our eyes have opened, we unfortunately revert to foreign and chunk foods that are rather killing our people rapidly”.

He further emphasized that, “what we eat is actually what kills us so we have to go back to nature to consume our traditional foods and medicine to live longer than what we are seeing today”.

Dr. Sesa I added that “if we go back to nature or our roots it would benefit the entire nation as far as our health is concerned”.
“When one observes animals in the forest or bush you found out that they consume natural foods and fresh leaves and so they look strong and healthy all the time,” he noted.

According to him, female animals give birth to their offspring with ease due to the herbs that they feed on but on the other hand, human beings usually find it difficult to give birth most of the time because they do not consume natural foods and herbs as it used to be in the past.
He said the natural foods get natural energy from the sun and therefore they are able to maintain the natural being and body.

Dr. Sesa I, therefore stated that, the system of man was created in a natural state and not scientific, “so we have to go back to nature and be healthy”.

He explained that sickness is also termed disease because when one gets sick he or she moves from the natural state he was created to a diseased state, stressing that, that unnatural state is referred to as disease.

Dr. Sesa I said when people criticize Traditional Medicine Practitioners that their Medicines are expensive, it is wrong because usually valuable things are supposed to be expensive.

He explained that things created by God like gold and other minerals and even crude oil cum air are expensive but only God in His own wisdom that He made air for example for mankind free of charge.

Dr. Sesa I said it is however true that all that God created are free but in actual sense when it is processed it becomes expensive.
Dr sesa I ,who is also the Herbal Medicine Director of the Hermetic Healing Centre at Awutu Odupong Ofaakor appealed to the Government through the Ministry of Health to invest more resources into traditional medicine like India and China have done to become premier countries that earn so much income from herbal medicine to develop their countries.


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