May 24, 2024

A former General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana, Rev. Dr Kwabena Opuni Frimpong, is appealing to the Ministry of Education to consider the reintroduction of moral education in Ghana’s curriculum.

His appeal follows some disturbances in some senior high schools in the country, including the recent happenings at the Adisadel College in Cape Coast.

Reacting to the Adisadel College incident in a radio interview with Accra-based 3FM, the clergy man said “Bring back morality; bring back patriotism in the curriculum.”

“A student at a school like Adisadel College can pick the head of a student and hit it with metal bed…” he bemoaned and said morals were declining among students in the country .

Adisadael College Incident

A recent video from the Adisadel College where one student was attacking the other went viral, attracting anger, fury and outcry from the public, who called for immediate action to be taken.

The incident, which happened at a dormitory at the Quaque House, left one of the students, Kelvin Ofori, who was attacked by a taller student, with a swollen cheek.

The taller and older student, identified only as Bobby, was seen in the viral video holding the neck of his victim from behind as though to strangulate him in the presence of other students who shouted cautionary remarks.

As the victim gasped for breath and tried to free himself from his attacker, the taller student pushed him towards a bunk bed and violently hit his face against the bed.

At that moment, Bobby was seen pushing Ofori away from him.

The victim examined his face and felt blood on a badly swollen cheek.


The school has suspended Ofori and the bully, and the two third-year students are to write the WASSCE papers from home.

A statement from the school said the student who recorded the video and circulated it would also be suspended externally for one week, return and do internal work on suspension for another week, and bring the phone to the school, else he would also be sanctioned.

Also, others who were there but did nothing and also did not report would all go through some internal punishment.

The housemaster, Ekow Holman, has also been relieved of his post, pending the outcome of the investigation.

For the former Christian Council chief scribe, students are becoming wicked, hence the need to reintroduce moral education to help correct their wickedness.



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