June 25, 2024

The NPP delegates going to elect the flag bearer for the party on November 4, 2023, should bear in mind the adage, “one good turn deserves another”, thus, “if someone does you a favour, you should take the chance to repay it”.

This is not about when you are influenced by bribes as it is perceived to be the case going into the NPP flag bearer election scheduled for November 4, 2023. No, that is not the “good turn” I am talking about in this publication. Such is not a “good turn” or favour that needs to be reciprocated but a bad habit that must be condemned.

Has Kennedy Agyapong (Hon.) not continually been fighting for the interests of the NPP foot soldiers of whom the delegates are included for the past several years? He has, although the NPP government and the powers-that-be, have in an equal manner blocked their ears and shut their eyes to his pleas and suggestions on behalf of the foot soldiers.

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Kennedy has been pressuring the government on your behalf, to cater to some of your needs, although unsuccessfully, amounts to the good he has done for you. Therefore, it is time for you to reward his efforts made on your behalf, by electing him the party’s flag bearer-cum-presidential-candidate going into election 2024.

If you do pay his good intentions about you, his efforts and energy expended on your behalf, by voting him the flagbearer, you will stand a greater chance of reaping the fruits of his good intentions about you, and the entire people of Ghana.

NPP delegates, please don’t be deceived, or fooled, by he who will come and give you a one-off Ghc1,000.00 or so, only to find yourselves lingering and wallowing in joblessness, insecurity, and lawlessness for many years to come.

I have explained in my recent publications why the delegates must vote for Kennedy Agyapong, if they wish NPP to “break the 8”, to see Ghana prosper for most Ghanaians, if not all, to enjoy better conditions of living.

Kennedy stands a much better chance to win the election 2024 than Dr. Bawumia whom Ghanaians across the board are accusing of collapsing the economy, although in my estimation that is far from the truth.

However, the NDC propaganda has rendered him inextricably blamable for the harsh economic situation the country finds herself in, largely the culmination of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

I am not here to preach but to tell the NPP delegates the gospel truth.

If the NPP delegates were to put their ear to the ground, they would know that many a Ghanaian youth, adult, or elderly, is calling and praying for Kennedy Agyapong to become the next president of Ghana. They are saying, “No Kennedy, No Vote”.

They have seen how lawyers, bureaucrats, and technocrats have performed in the management of the country. They now want to see how a successful patriotic, fair, honest, firm, pragmatic, and visionary businessman can perform in the management of the country. Therefore, Kennedy should become the next president of Ghana, they say.

Understood, NPP delegates? Don’t think selfishly parochially about your interests but the collective interests of Ghanaians and Mother Ghana.

Kennedy is the man with the clout and master plan to break the serpentine neck of the corruption-induced 8-year cyclical rotation of political power between the NPP and NDC.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo

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