May 24, 2024

Former President John Mahama has stated that even though being a leader is difficult, it is equally rewarding when one works in the best interest of his or her followers and avoids using leadership for parochial interests to the neglect of the totality of the people one leads.



Speaking as Keynote Speaker at the 2nd Graduation Ceremony of the Academic City University College in Accra on Saturday, July 29, 2023, President Mahama advised the graduates who are interested in going into politics to see politics as a way of serving their people and not a means to steal or loot public funds so as to enrich themselves.

He admonished them to focus on only the collective interests of the group they have been chosen to lead and not personal, sectional or partisan interests.

“Leadership is full of challenges and you cannot escape these challenges. Leadership is however exciting when one focuses and pursues a noble agenda that seeks to serve the best interest of your people. You need to eschew[avoid] the unhealthy temptation of using leadership positions to promote personal, sectional or partisan interests to the disadvantage of the organization or nation you have been chosen to serve,” he noted.

Academic City University College is a “leading STEM education institute in West Africa” located at Haatso in Accra. The University offers World-Class programs in Engineering, Technology, and Entrepreneurship.



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