March 2, 2024

In a heartwarming gesture of support, Kennedy Agyapong, an aspirant in the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) Presidential candidate race ahead of the 2024 general elections, has donated a motorbike to Mr. Mohammed Issah, the sole founding member of the party in the Savannah region. The act of kindness was prompted by the founder’s need for assistance in attending his Friday (Jumah) prayers and party activities/events due to lack of transportation means.

Mr. Agyapong, known for his philanthropic efforts and commitment to the NPP, took notice of the predicament faced by the elderly founding member. Mr. Issaah, who had been an instrumental figure in the party’s inception, had been facing difficulties in attending his Friday (Jumah) prayers and party activities due to the lack of a suitable mode of transportation.

Recognizing the significance of the Friday (Jumah) prayers in his life and his dedication to the party, Agyapong swiftly acted to alleviate his mobility challenges.

The donation of a motorbike to the NPP founding member is seen as a gesture of immense respect and appreciation for his stanch dedication to the party’s ideals.

Presenting the Motorbike to the Founding Member in the Salaga in the Salaga South Constituency through the constituency executives, the Savannah Region Campaign Coordinator for Mr. Agyapong, Hon. Mayoyo Amin Sulemana emphasized the importance of honoring those who have laid the foundation for the party’s success. He stated, “The sacrifices made by our founding members cannot be overlooked. This motorbike donation is a small token of our gratitude for his immense contribution to the party’s growth. It’s vital that we stand by our party members and offer support when they are in need.”

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Mr. Mayoyo stated that Hon. Agyapong’s willingness to step in and offer assistance underscores the sense of responsiveness, unity and camaraderie that characterizes the NPP.

Mohammed Issah who is the sole founding member of the party in the Savannah region, expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the generous gift. He conveyed his joy at being able to attend his Friday (Jumah) prayers and interact with fellow party members more frequently. “I am deeply touched by Hon. Kennedy Agyapong’s gesture. This motorbike will enable me to participate in religious activities and stay connected with the party I helped establish. It’s heartwarming to see that the NPP remains a family that cares for its members and Hon Agyapong is an exceptional breed of a politician among our fraternity,” he shared.

This act of compassion by Mr. Agyapong has garnered praise from across the political spectrum and within the NPP itself. It serves as a reminder of the values that the party was built upon thus unity, empathy, and mutual respect.

Some members of the Savannah region’s NPP community who witnessed the event, paid a glowing homage to both the founding member and Mr. Agyapong for their shared commitment to the party’s principles. Other party executives also expressed their appreciation for the aspirant’s generous act, highlighting how it exemplified the spirit of unity that has characterized the NPP since its inception.

Mr. Agyeapong over the years have been noticed by many for his philanthropic works not only in the political space but in all spheres of life in a bid to help uplift the livelihoods of Ghanaians.

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In 2012, he donated a 110 KV standby power generator to the Tamale Teaching Hospital valued at about Fifty-eight Thousand Ghana cedis (GH¢ 58,000.00)

The donation was to assist the facility in the provision of efficient surgical services to patients to boost healthcare delivery at the peak of the power crisis in the country

He also donated Ten Thousand Ghana cedis (Gh¢ 10,000) annually into the Dapkema Education Endowment Fund which seeks to assist brilliant but needy children in the Northern Region to help them access Education.

As the 2024 general elections draw closer, Kennedy Agyapong’s commitment to both the NPP and the well-being of its members continues to shine through. His recent gesture has not only assisted an elderly founding member but has also reaffirmed the spirit of camaraderie and shared purpose that drives the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Kennedy Agyapong is a prominent figure within the New Patriotic Party, known for his dedication to the party’s principles, outspoken, championing the cause of the grassroot coupled with his immense philanthropic works across the country. His commitment to supporting party members and honoring its founding members has earned him respect from all corners of the political landscape.


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