April 24, 2024

In the enchanting landscapes of West Africa, where the rhythms of tradition resonate through time, a significant cultural journey unfolded. The Tem Kotokoli Divisional Chief, Wuro Issor Dauda Chedre Brenai II, spearheaded a delegation of esteemed chiefs from Ghana to the town of Sokodé in Togo. Their mission: to partake in the vibrant celebration of the Adosa Gadao Festival and advocate for peace within the Kotokoli community.

The Tem Kotokoli’s home town is known to Kue (Koue) in the Oti Region of Ghana, Nkwanta South District. The chief of Kue and the overlord of all Tem Kotokoli communities in Ghana, Wuro Issor Dauda Chedre Brenai II embodies the custodian of a rich cultural legacy. Accompanying him on this cultural odyssey were distinguished chiefs, each carrying the weight of tradition and the promise of unity.

Among the notable figures in the delegation were Wuro Amidu Molar, the Chief of Dodowa Rahama town, Wuro Bimor Issor, the Kotokoli Chief of Accra, and Hajia Habiba Dombowu, the esteemed Queen Mother of Tem Kotokoli. The entourage also included Sheik Jalaudeen, a revered Mallam, and many more chiefs, creating a mosaic of cultural representation from various Kotokoli communities.

The Adosa Gadao Festival, deeply entrenched in Kotokoli tradition, served as the perfect stage for this cultural exchange. The festival, a kaleidoscope of colors, sounds, and rituals, provided a platform for the chiefs to showcase the uniqueness of Tem Kotokoli customs. From the rhythmic beats of the drums to the elaborate traditional attire, the festival exemplified the resilience and beauty of Kotokoli heritage.

Amidst the celebration, Wuro Issor Dauda Chedre Brenai II and his delegation actively engaged in the festivities. They danced to traditional tunes, shared anecdotes of their cultural practices, and exchanged symbolic gifts with their Togolese counterparts. The gathering became a melting pot of traditions, fostering mutual respect and understanding among the diverse Kotokoli communities.

During a poignant moment, the chiefs addressed the assembled crowd. Wuro Issor Dauda Chedre Brenai II, in his eloquent speech, emphasized the significance of unity and peace among the Kotokoli people. He implored the community to preserve their distinct traditions while embracing the shared cultural bond that transcended borders.
The message of peace reverberated through the festival grounds, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those present. As the chiefs returned to Ghana, they carried with them not only the memories of a grand celebration but a renewed commitment to promoting the cultural richness of Tem Kotokoli and fostering harmony within the Kotokoli community.

The journey from Ghana to Togo was more than a physical movement; it was a symbolic bridge that connected Kotokoli hearts across boundaries. Through their shared experiences and cultural exchange, the chiefs sowed the seeds of unity, ensuring that the flame of Kotokoli heritage burns brightly for generations to come.



1 Wuro Dawood Chedre Brenai II and his spouse –  Wuro Esso Ghana
2 Wuro Abubakar Hamidu Mola and his spouse – Chairman
3 Wuro Adamu Salifu Bimor-essor and his spouse Tem – Greater Accra Regent
4 Wuro Yahya Sandu Kinko – Tem Diaspora (USA)
5 Wuro Misbawo Salifu Niile – Teiman Accra
6 Wuro Abdul Rahuf Hamidu, Wuro Tuu and his spouse – Madina Accra
7 Wuro Mohammed Nuhu surutawee – Nsawam Eastern Region
8 Wuro Alilu Bawa Bawara-bawee – Organizer
9 Wuro Abdul Ganiwu Salifu Weezu – Kotobabi Accra

10 Wuro Armiyao Abdallah – Appolonia Accra
11 Wuro Imurana Shaibu Essofa – Haatso Accra
12 Wuro Alidu Amza – Ga west Accra
13 Wuro Abubakar Hussein Bangna – Ho, and Acting Volta Region Wuro
14 Wuro Baba Musah Mohammed – Papasi
15 Wuro Murtala Fuseini Amrahia – Accra
16 Wuro Abdul Aziz – Tetteh Amoaman Accra
17 Ala-wuro Hajia Sakina Mohammed – Takoradi  (Vice Tem Queen mothers Ass)
18 Ala-wuro Hafsatu Issifou – Santeo Accra
19 Ala-wuro Hajia Habiba Amadu Dombou Accra central
20 Alfa Mahama Mazu Imam North Ayawaso Accra
21 Afobia Wuro Ridwan Organizing member
22 Afobia Wuro Mashud Organizing member
23 Afobia Wuro Tahiru Yusif Ashaiman/ organizing member
24 Afobia Wuro Laminu Organizing member
25 Afobia Wuro Awal Organizing member
26 Afobia Wuro Aziz Organizing member
27 Kuboni Nurudeen Hussein Toure Registrar/General Secretary
28 Wuro Salifu Osumanu Bi-nyorzi Ashaiman Accra
29 Wuro Gafaru Inusa Sibika Aweh Research Commandos Accra
30 Wuro Nafiu Musah Josse Accra
31 Wuro Mumuni Salisu Accra Central
32 Ala-wuro Abiba Mohammed Katamanso Accra
33 Shiekh Jazaudeen Abubakar Alhassan
34 Galadima Siddique Mohammed Buhari Research Commandos Accra
35 Hajia Farida (Wuro Alilu’s wife) North Ayawaso
36 Aunty Hajara
37 Alhaji Alhassan Hamidu Mola Rahmat town Dodowa Accra
38 Afobu Yahuza Alilu Organizing member
39 Fatawu Adamu (Wuro Adamu’s son Accra
40 Wuro Dawood Chedre’s spouse
41 Wuro Abubakar Hamidu Mola’s Spouse
42 Wuro Adamu Salifu’s Spouse
43 Wuro Rahuf Hamidu Mola’s Spouse

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