February 21, 2024


The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has accused the Effutu Municipal Assembly for pulling down the giant Billboards of John Manana erected by NDC ahead of his visit to the Central Region.

According to Dr James Kofi Annan, who is the spokesperson for John Mahama’s Campaign Team in the Region, there has been a serial destruction of billboards of John Mahama as well himself as the 2020 parliamentary candidate for the Effutu Constituency by some unknown assigns in the constituency.

Dr Annan, noted that the trend though alien to the ndc in the Effutu township is fast rearing it’s ugly head much to the displeasure of the leadership of the party.


Dr Annan revealed that 20 Billboards have been erected so far in the Central Region for the Ex President John Mahama to welcome and support him, eleven of the billboards in the areas of Agona West and Gomoa East Constituencies , while the rest are just being pasted on the already erected billboards in the Effutu Constituency.


Citing few examples, he said personnel from the Municipal Assembly who claimed they were acting on the instructions from above has commenced pulling the billboard s where those in question left a neighboring billboard which was erected side-by-side that of John Mahama.


Dr James Kofi Annan as the 2020 parliamentary candidate has not been spared of this unfortunate developments which is not healthy for the democracy of Ghana.


A statement signed by the Constituency Secretary, Mr Abraham Henry Arthur, indicated that the party doesn’t owe the Assembly thus he finds it very difficult to understand why the destruction of the aforementioned billboards which the candidates Envolved have committed a substantial financial resources into these things hence the destruction of same comes at a huge loss to the party.

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John Mahama is expected to commence his 3-day tour of the Central region from Tuesday 28th to Thursday 30th of March 2023.


Read below the statement




March 23, 2023


The Effutu Municipal Assembly has embarked on an operation to pull down billboards erected by Dr. James Kofi Annan, the NDC 2020 Effutu Parliamentary Candidate, to advertise John Mahama in the constituency.

James Kofi Annan has so far erected 20 billboards in the Central Region for John Dramani Mahama to support him in the upcoming presidential primaries. Eleven of the billboards are found in the Agona West and Gomoa East constituencies, while the rest are just being pasted on the already erected billboards in the Effutu constituency.

However, just when John Mahama’s pictures started going up on the billboards, personnel from the Municipal Assembly, who claimed they were acting on instructions, started pulling the billboards down. In one such situation, the personnel pulled down the billboard bearing John Mahama’s pictures while they left a neigbouring billboard, which was just erected side-by-side that of John Mahama, an indication of the intentions of whoever gave the orders from above.

This is the fourth time billboards belonging to James Kofi Annan have been pulled down even though he has permits to cover all of them. So far, since 2020, a total of 43 billboards of various sizes running into several tens of thousands of Ghana Cedis belonging to James Kofi Annan has been pulled down by the assembly even though there are permits to cover them.

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The Effutu NDC, however, remains resolute in support of our presumptive candidates, Dr. James Kofi Annan, and H. E. John Dramani Mahama.



Abraham Henry Arthur

(Constituency Secretary)




By Lawrence Odoom/ghanaxpress.com

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