May 21, 2024

A polygamous man who has eight wives, all of who have collectively given birth to more than fifty children and still counting has bragged that he is the happiest man alive.

Kadel Rimoru, a Kenyan man, however, admitted in an interview with Afrimax English that despite the pleasure of having many women at his disposal and producing offspring without any control, it comes with the burden of taking care of them.

Rimoru has built a big village for his large family called Kongalahi Kimoto, where he lives with all the wives, children and grandchildren. He has large tracts of land that they cultivate to produce food to feed themselves.

Can’t pay school fees, and plans to build his own school:

According to him, he is unable to have the children get formal education due to the large numbers, and school fees are now too expensive for him to bear, although he is not happy seeing them at home every day while their peers are in school to secure a better future.

Due to the high cost of formal education and the numerous children, he plans to establish a school where his children and grandchildren would have formal education. He however doesn’t have the wherewithal, so he is hoping to have investors come onboard to make it a reality since he has the land already in abundance.

Wives get him new women to marry:

What is interesting about Rimoru’s polygamy is the fact that he doesn’t approach the women himself, but his wives do. All he needs to do is to approach his latest wife to express a desire in marrying a certain woman he had seen and she would then proceed to convince that particular woman for him.

“It all started when a friend of my first wife visited her one day and I asked my wife if I could marry her friend in addition to her, and she said so long as it would make me happy. She then spoke to her friend and convinced her to marry me,” Rimoru recounted.

His first child is forty years old while the latest one is as young as 2 months, and he has no plans to stop marrying more and reproducing any time soon.

His son vows not to emulate him:

His 8th child, Beson dropped out of school in 2017 due to the financial constraints of his father, leaving his dream of becoming a doctor in limbo. The young man has vowed not to take after his father’s polygamous footsteps, let alone give birth to many children. According to him, it is not a wise decision because it comes with an unbearable financial burden and many other challenges.

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