May 27, 2024

To those of you who think I follow blindly and somehow have a natural hatred of the American people. You are wrong. I do not hate the American people. It is the American global politics that I do not agree with. That politics which has and will forever subject the rest of mankind to a first , second , and third world with little room or no opportunity for a redress. This is what I, together with many progressive minded people in the world, are against.

It is the same. Any time there appears a slight hint or sign that any group in the first, second, or third world would make an attempt at a self-determination of any sort, America will quickly step in to order conformity to the, to that status quo The West refer to this as The world order . The one which says:- follow us, America eles…..
This is what we are up against. And, the fight becomes even more difficult when local leadership throws in the towel and submits the country to the American hegemony, which in the end brings no advantage. This is the problem. Have you seen the Homo rainbow 🌈 colours, beaming on the Jubilee House facade on the arrival Kamala ? Ayoooo.

This is a difficult battle, but it must be won one day, some day . Thank you



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