March 4, 2024

The policies of the National Democratic Congress do not and will not serve the people due to gaps and inconsistency.

The NDC policy proposal is shapeless and has no tangible ingredients to convince the masses of its efficacy, supporters are left with the responsibility of defending something they cannot grasp.

Former President John Mahama lacks an understanding of his policy ( 24hrs Economy ) making it extremely difficult for his party’s acolytes to pummel their ears and eyes with the idea.

First of all, the impression was created that there aren’t entities or sectors that already operate a 24-hour system.
Mahama made it sound like an innovative idea that was being piloted for the first time, meanwhile majority of companies in Ghana both private and public sectors operate 24 hours, not to talk of healthcare and other delicate industries. This policy is cheap and renders their policies unrealistic and cheap, it can’t be used to deceive the people of Ghana.

When holes were being punctured into his proposal, he then started shifting the goalposts. He now says the policy is voluntary and that entities that are in the private sector would be targeted, this is pathetic, such inconsistency is not what Ghanaians crave and he cannot become the president of Ghana.

The communicators of the NDC are at sixes and sevens, trying to make sense of the proposal. The whole concept sounds surrealistic to them, yet to feed themselves and family, they go ahead preaching what they nothing about.

This is what happens when one is driven by populism and is desperate to win political power at all costs.

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It is worth reiterating the fact that many establishments are already running 24-hour services whether in the public or private sectors.

Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and some traders across the country are running 24-hour services. ECG, VRA, GRIDCo, security agencies, etc, all run 24-hour services.

Let us look at a few issues. The new narrative is that the cost of electricity or power would be halved or reduced dramatically for the businesses that would run this vague 24-hour idea.

The question is, at whose expense would this be done? The general public? Are we able to pay full costs for the power we consume? As we speak, ECG, VRA, and GRIDCo are saddled with huge debts as a result of our inability to pay fully for electricity consumed.

John Mahama is saying that he would heighten the injuries of these power generating and distribution companies if given power.

Isn’t it ironic that someone who brought Dumsor for 4 years is talking about providing free electricity for companies to operate? Was he able to even solve the problem of Dumsor? Why will such a person become our president? We want to see light at the end of the tunnel, not darkness
Even when we were paying, he plunged us into dumsor. He is not credible and accountable.

What John Mahama is failing to realize is that a 24-hour economy hinges on certain factors. If people are in high demand for some goods, manufacturers would automatically run a 24-hour service to produce more for the market. It is demand-driven. It doesn’t take a government to ask such companies to run a 24-hour program.

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Moreover, a 24-hour system can also be enhanced by a buoyant, industrialized economic climate. No one needs a policy directive to actualize any 24-hour economic system.

Come to think of this, if an entity knows that electricity costs would be halved during the night for its manufacturing or services, why would that company waste money to buy power at a higher price during the day when it can get the same at a cheaper price in the night? What the company would do is that, it’d stop operating in the day and concentrate its operations in the nights.

Production levels would be stagnant if they didn’t travel downwards under such a system. The purpose of the 24-hour program would be defeated. Our energy sector would beat the brunt of such a poorly conceived system.

Mahama has no good plans for the people of Ghana, based on his previous leadership traits I can boldly say that Mahama is not a leader to be praised or recommended and he can’t become the president of Ghana, we the people of Ghana love each other and wouldn’t want an incompetent Mahama to shorten our life with lies and deceit.
Mahama was given four years, and he wasn’t able to develop the economy, he couldn’t change the story of roads, healthcare, electricity, etc. What shows if he’s given another four years he will do something better? He has nothing to offer to the people of Ghana.

Mahama is empty. This idea is a demonstrable failure on his part to generate practical and impactful solutions for the challenges he claims to have discovered. Even in opposition, he is still incompetent.

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If Mahama becomes the president, I will leave the country, because I know nothing good will happen to Ghana when he rules.


Pappy Kay.
Valley View University Tescon Vice President

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