April 24, 2024

President of the Ajagurajah Moment, Bishop Kwabena Boakye Asiamah also known as Osofo Ajagurajah says he enjoys criticisms.

Speaking on GHOne TV with Lily Mohammed, Bishop Asiamah stated that he has developed a thick skin for criticisms adding that it makes him better.

“I don’t like peace, I love war, I want people to insult me that makes me happy, if nobody talks about me I feel like I am not doing something right.

“No armed robber will go into an empty house. Armed robbers attack houses they feel there is wealth in it. If you attack me I feel there is wealth in me. I possess something you need. But if nobody is attacking me I feel like that thing in me is just going away,” Ajagurajah stated.

He continued: “I don’t love insults but I just can’t take disrespect. The moment you disrespect me I will disrespect you back. I am a very nice person, very respectful. Everybody who knows me or who has been able to come close to me will tell you that I am humble, I respect and I don’t like talking.”

Ajagurajah further explained that he has a double personality which are his spiritual side and his physical life.

“So when I get possessed is when I act like a beast,” he added.

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