April 24, 2024

Former Trade Minister Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng who is vying for the presidential aspirant position to lead the New patriotic party NPP in the 2024 elections says he is the only candidate out of the ten who is fit and best to lead the party to break the 8 years jinx.

For this reason he is arguing that it is his turn and deserves to lead the NPP to the 2024 presidential election than any other aspirant.

During his just ended two-day tour of the Oti Region to meet delegates of the electoral college, which has just ended, he said Ghanaians will vote for the NPP to continue with governance after the full two terms in office if only he is elected to lead.

Mr. Kyerematen explained that the party will not only break the ‘8’ with NPP members alone but the votes from the masses, pointing out that he enjoys massive support among the masses who will decide who becomes the President of Ghana after the next general election in 2024.

The former Minister said that throughout his tour in the regions it has become evident that , from the market places to lorry stations, his support base and popularity stand tall among all the other nine aspirants in the NPP.
“Go to the markets and listen to what people are saying. Go to lorry parks and listen to what they are saying. If you listen to many of these people, it is Alan the people want,” he said in Twi.

He therefore entreated the party’s delegates not to be influenced by anybody or gifts to vote for a candidate who will not help the party to break the 8.

John Peter Amewu, MP for Hohoe who is part of Alan’s campaign team urged all the delegates to vote for somebody who will not only end up as a presidential candidate but will rather win the general election to become President.
He said, the party needs someone who has served the party in all spheres and can be credited with having the best experience to be the next president to continue with the good works the NPP party is doing.

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