May 24, 2024

Head Pastor and the founder of Alabaster International Ministries, Prophet Kofi Oduro, has disclosed how one of his pastors was allegedly detained by officers of the Ghana Police Service for speaking up against government actions.

In the video making rounds on social media, Prophet Oduro, who was seen speaking to his audience at a live service, narrated how his pastor was detained for up to 8 hours for noise-making. He, however, insinuated that he and his pastors were targeted due to they being critical of the government.

“Last Wednesday, they arrested one of our pastors and locked him oo for 8 hours. His crime? We were praying. There were no microphones nor instruments. Just our natural voices.
Meanwhile, right by the police station, there is an akpeteshi bar where loud music is played yet, they are not disturbing.

“It is clear the only reason we are a target is because I speak truth to the highest power of the nation; the presidency. They refused to grant my pastor bail,” he said.

He also reiterated the problems of the nation; the deteriorating state of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and the death traps of the Tema motorway. He also chided politicians, citing how they receive accolades yet are not worthy of it. He called for a change in their perspective.

“These leaders go to church and they are hailed ‘honourable’. An honourable that doesn’t do honourable things. I know I will not get police escorts or lounge at the VVIP lounges, and neither will I get motorcades because of what I say. But I have no need for them. All I want is for the leaders of the country to change their mindsets,” he said.

Prophet Oduro’s tussle with the ruling government came to light after the invasion of the studios of UTV by some individuals affiliated with the NPP. He had wondered if his show, “Daa Nkwa Nsem” had been removed due to his criticisms of the government.
He had been highly vocal on issues facing the nation including mismanagement of the economy, poor infrastructure, and corruption.

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