March 4, 2024

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Hohoe in the Volta Region, might just be one of the notable faces left standing with former Trade Minister, John Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen, who on Monday September 25, resigned from the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Many of John Peter Amewu’s colleagues, have separately issued statements distancing themselves from Mr Kyerematen, but the Hohoe MP, who doubles as the Railway Development Minister, is yet to do so, leaving many of his party’s members wondering as to whether he is with the party  or with the breakaway group led by the thrice defeated NPP Presidential aspirant.

Mr Amewu, had been with the MP for Bortianor-Ngleshie Amanfro Constituency, Sylvester Tetteh, Abena Osei-Asare MP for Atiwa East, Davis Ansah Opoku (OPK), MP for Mpraeso, Catherine Ablema Afeku, the ex-MP for the Evalue Gwira in the Western Region touring the country to have Mr Kyerematen to lead the NPP as its presidential candidate in the 2024 polls.

Abena Osei Asare, who is a Deputy Minister of Finance in the Akufo-Addo government in a press statement issued on Monday [Sept 25], said her decision to distance herself from Alan was because her “dedication to the New Patriotic Party is deep-seated, rooted in our shared values and vision for a prosperous Ghana. The NPP’s strength has always been its unity and our ability to work together for the common good of our country.”

In a press statement, the Deputy Finance Minister said, “First and foremost, while I enjoy both a personal and professional relationship with Hon. Alan Kyerematen, characterised by mutual respect and a shared commitment to our nation’s progress, I must respectfully distance myself from his recent choice.”

“My dedication to the New Patriotic Party is deep-seated, rooted in our shared values and vision for a prosperous Ghana. The NPP’s strength has always been its unity and our ability to work together for the common good of our country.”

Sylvester Tetteh, who was a believer in the Alan Kyerematen for President Initiative, appealed to the members and supporters of the NPP to demonstrate unwavering support and deep love for the party in the wake of Alan Kyerematen’s resignation from the party.

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Speaking on Peace FM’s “Kokrokoo” morning show, the MP for Bortianor-Ngleshie Amanfro constituency, encouraged NPP members and supporters to stay united. “Let us rally around the flag. If you disagree with something happening in the party, you stay in the party and talk about it and fight it and get reforms,” Tetteh urged.

According to him, this is the time for NPP members to demonstrate deep love for their party and fellow party members. Mr Tetteh, also advised NPP supporters to stop disrespecting Alan Kyerematen for resigning from the party.

Sylvester Tetteh, has since called on the Council of Elders of the NPP in the Ashanti Region to intervene following the recent action of Bernard Antwi Bosiako, the regional chairman.

This came when Mr Antwi Boasiako, popularly known as ‘Chairman Wontumi’ issued a directive instructing party members and supporters in his region to remove all posters, flyers, and materials associated with Kyerematen from the party’s offices.

The directive was a reaction to Alan Kyerematen’s resignation from the NPP. Chairman Wontumi, stated in a memo, “Once he has forfeited his membership, it is just right and fair that these items are removed from our offices.” Alan Kyerematen, in a televised interview on UTV, reacted strongly to Chairman Wontumi’s order, expressing his displeasure.

According to him, he actually brought Chairman Wontumi to the NPP to become who he is today. He stated, “Who brought Wontumi to the party? Today, Wontumi is going around making all kinds of noise. If he has someone to thank, it should be Alan Kyerematen. I’m the one who held his hands to the party. Who is Wontumi? There are some things we should not be saying, but we have been quiet for too long.”

However, Chairman Wontumi’s Special Assistant, Andy Owusu, responded by categorically denying Kyerematen’s claims. He labeled Kyerematen’s statements as “palpable falsehood.”

In light of this ongoing feud, MP Sylvester Tetteh urged Chairman Wontumi to cease his verbal attacks on Alan Kyerematen and learn to respect elders. “He [Chairman Wontumi] should be careful of his utterances because he is a leader, and many people will follow his actions.

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If you sit on TV and ridicule a leader like Alan, Alan has a family, and looking at the work he’s done in this country, if he says he is going independent, no problem.

“Identify your people who are party people following him and bring them closer to the elephant,” Tetteh stated during an interview on Peace FM’s “Kokrokoo” morning show.

The Mpraeso MP, has also indicated that the over 20 NPP MPs who supported Mr Kyerematen in the Special Delegates Conference, will not support his movement.

Speaking in an interview on Eyewitness News on Citi FM, he said, “I would not say that political parties do not or will not have differences. There may be differences, I mean factions here and there, people taking sides, forming into a faction and all of that, but the ability to come together in an internal political context shows how strong your party is. And for me, that commitment is there.”

“And I know that over 20 MPs who supported Alan Kyerematen have all resolved that we solemnly believe in the NPP, and we are going to follow the NPP and we are going to represent power again. And we are going to work tirelessly to ensure that the NPP wins power again in 2024. None of the MPs that support Alan Kyerematen will follow him in his movement but we wish him well.”

Mr OPK’s relationship with Kyerematen had been one of camaraderie, forged through years of shared political battles and cooperation.

Yet, despite this close connection, OPK, felt compelled to distance himself from Kyerematen’s bold choice.

In a heartfelt statement issued on a significant day, September 25, 2023, after the announcement of Mr Kyerematen’s resignation from the party, OPK articulated his profound dismay, describing it as a disheartening deviation from the core principles of party loyalty and unity that have long underpinned Ghana’s democratic process.

He emphasised that the NPP’s strength had always rested on the foundation of unity and the collective support of its members.

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Mr OPK’s unwavering commitment to the NPP and its vision for Ghana shone through his words.

He pointed to the party’s track record of good governance and development, even in the face of formidable challenges, as evidence of its capability to lead the nation effectively.

The Member of Parliament, passionately rallied fellow party members, stressing that the NPP was a repository of great ideals.

He urged them to come together, reaffirm their loyalty to the party, and channel their efforts toward securing victory in the 2024 elections.

For OPK, the NPP remained supreme, and its strength lay in the unity of its members. As the story of Alan Kyerematen’s independent candidacy continues to unfold, Ghanaians find themselves at a pivotal moment in their nation’s political history.

The upcoming elections promised to be a battleground of ideas and principles, where the unity of the NPP would be put to the test.

OPK’s resolute commitment to his party’s cause and his call for unity resonated as a rallying cry, as the nation eagerly awaited the democratic contest that lay ahead.

Former Tourism Minister, Catharine Afeku, also distanced herself from the camp of Alan Kyerematen. Catharine Afeku, who played an active role in the Alan for President Campaign in the NPP’s Presidential primaries, says she remains a member of the NPP and will not join any other political party.

Speaking to journalists in Accra, Madam Afeku, said she would continue to serve as a member of the NPP.

“I am a loyal patriot, and I am in the party [NPP]. The party is supreme. We are the NPP,” she stated.

The ex-MP for the Madina-Abokobi, who has also been with Mr Kyerematen, Abu-Bakar Siddique Boniface, is also yet to announce his position on the matter.

The ex-Minister of State at the Office of the Vice President and a former minister for Inner cities and Zongo Development, was present at Mr Kyerematen’s conference, but yet to make a definite position on the matter.

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