June 24, 2024


The government is said to have wasted a whopping Ghc73bn on its flagship programmes, despite claims of using funds judiciously.

According to a report, this wastage were recorded in the government programmes which were supposed to improve the lives of the people, but became an avenue for unprofitable spending and corruption .

A Civil Sciety Organization, Institute For Liberty and Policy Innovation( ILPI) which undertook a research to gauge the expenditure  of government  outlined some of these programmes.

They mentioned the Saglami Housing programme, the fight against galamsey, the setting up of the Office of the Special Prosecutor, the planting for food and jobs, as well as the  building of the national cathedral as the sources of wastage.

At a press conference to give details of its findings , a Research Assistant, Mr Stephen Dansu of the Institute, indicated  that the Ghc73bn waste is representations of monies spent on these programmes without results.

He said it an amount that was accumulated over the past seven  years with Ghc10bn  been recorded every year .

Many more of other government projects which have not solved the intended purpose according to the Mr Dansu, have amounted to wasted.

“ These improper allocation of public funds which have not solved the country intended problems should be discontinued immediately to save the public purse “, he advocated.

The report which is to enhance accountability and improve fiscal efficiency was arrived at using data sources, poll setting and reliability test amount the methodology options.

But making recommendations to curtail this wastage, he said a new fiscal covenant in Ghana must be formed.

This, he explained will outline the parameters for spending public funds

Aside from this , he also called for the need to show transparency in public expenditure.

For him , all forms of annual public expenditures should be estimated and the actual amounts to be spent  clearly stated.

To pursue getting result, the group gave indication of giving a copy of their findings to the relevant authorities including the OSP, the Auditor General and Parliament’s Public Account Committee

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