May 21, 2024

Independent Presidential Candidate, Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen, opened up in an exclusive interview he granted the GBC Online in Accra on Tuesday, 23 April, 2024.

He says, the league of political parties and interest groups forming the Alliance for Revolutionary Change (ARC), is not a marriage of convenience. Rather, he said, it is a marriage of conviction and conscience.

He described a marriage of convenience as a union only for short-term goals, such as capturing political power. A marriage of conscience and conviction has a long-range view, with exponents and their henchmen working systematically to change a culture or practices.

Ghanaians should prepare for a long haul with Alan Kyerematen because his dissociation from the ruling New Patriotic Party is aimed at promoting a cause. The cause of breaking the political duopoly in Ghana is to scupper the ills associated with the status-quo.

The chosen Flagbearer of the ARC, Mr Alan Kyerematen, said he wants to end the spectre of winner-takes-all in Ghanaian politics that has seen only the NDC and the NPP entrusted with power.

Alan Kyerematen and Napoleon Ato Kittoe.

He said 32 years of power between the two dominant parties have teetered the country to the brink, with the economy always sent in the ambulance to the International Monetary Fund, IMF, for a rescue. He said inflation  reflected in the high prices of goods and services and the cost of production suggests Ghana needs a safer pair of hands to steer her from the “mess”.

He prayed for the electorate to see the light, reject the negative governance that has bedevilled them, and vote for a true Redeemer. He said he waited for his turn in the NPP to take the driving seat, but that was not to be, hence his going independent to make his role at the highest level available to the people of Ghana in the times that are most imperative.

Mr Alan Kyerematen said he frowns on social inequality and marginalisation; thus, a vote for him in the December 7, 2024, elections would see a speedier response to the malaise established political parties have turned blind eyes to.

He urged would-be voters to disregard propaganda against him and vote for him to reorder the system for their own good. He commended the leader of the National Interest Movement, Dr Abu Sakara Forster, and others for joining hands with him in seeking a political middle-ground necessary for all-round development.

He promises to appoint persons willing to serve Ghana under his watch irrespective of their political persuasions, citing the examples of Benin, where the last two governments were led by independent Presidential Candidates. Beyond Africa, he said the United States took the first step in democracy by voting for independent candidate George Washington in the 1700s to lead the country.

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