April 24, 2024

Alan Kyerematen who leads the Movement for Change says the people of Ghana believe that the transformation of the country will not occur at the back of political parties.

He says the belief is in the kind of leadership that will transform the fortunes of the country.

“Ghanaians believe that their transformation will not occur on the back of parties but on the back of leadership,” he told Kwesi Pratt on Accra-based Pan African Television.

He continued “it is a question of leadership and if you look at our constitution it invest so much power in the President so how is it that you can elect a President who has so much power on the basis of his political party, does it make sense?

That somebody who has so much power is selected based on the colour of his party? No, the great nations of this world were built on the back of individuals not parties,” he said.





Source: MyNewsGh.com

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