May 24, 2024

New Patriotic Party Aspiring candidate of Wassa Amenfi East constituency, Doctor Nana Afriyie, has advised Ghanaians to let former President John Dramani Mahama know that Ghana is not an ex-wife he can go back to.

In an interview, Dr Afriyie stated that former President Mahama is unserious about Ghana and deserves no second chance. According to him ex President Mahama will bring the economy to a stop as he has no better intention for the nation.

”Our father Mahama said something in relation to Ghanaians having short term memory which is true, the more reason if ex President Mahama becomes candidate on the ticket of NDC, it might guarantee him some few votes which will be my head ache. When you look at the current state of the economy and imagine NDC to be in power, it would have been like burying Ghanaians in a hole and covering it up.

It would have been similar to a flawed vehicle which has reached stop, however when you really take a look at the present status and take a gander at the Russian/Ukraine war and a great deal of things occurring with the President proceeding a few ventures like street development and overheads, no matter what the difficulty, lets ask ourselves how many leaders will come out boldly to say their economy has sunk but still want to do something for the country. People always talk about UK and US but these countries gained independence several decades ago meanwhile we are not even hundred years so its a gradual process, so Ghanaians should let Mahama understand that Ghana is not like an ex-wife you can go back to again to marry.”


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