May 27, 2024

Dagbon Forum (DF), has called on the former National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP) for the Karaga constituency, Mr. Alhassan Dandawa to render an unqualified public apology to His Royal Majesty, Naa Gbewaa and the good people of Dagbon for showing gross disrespect to the authority of Ndan Yaa-Naa who is the sole appointing authority of the Karaga skin.


Dagbon Forum also called on the National and Regional Executives of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to dissociate themselves from the statements made by the former MP which by all standards desecrates the sanctity of the Dagbon chieftaincy institution and an insult to the Supreme Court of Ghana.

The President of Dagbon Forum, Mr. Sakoya-Naa Mahama Iddrisu Sintaro, in a statement said the former Karaga MP, Mr. Alhassan Sualihu Dandawa during his visit to the former regent of Karaga, Naa Sumani Mahama, the former Law Maker made certain unfortunate statements which do not only constitute a serious security threat to the area but also disrespected and questioned the authority of the Ndan Yaa-Naa.

According to him, Mr. Dandawa is shown in the video telling the former Regent that God chose him as one, so whoever thinks otherwise should know that it is between him and God.

“The former Member of Parliament added that, once the disenkinment of the late Kari-Naa Mahama could not be effected, the former regent need not also be worried about anything but to pray for long life and change of political power so that he (the former regent) would take back what actually belongs to him.”

He noted that such statements from the former MP are affront to the authority of Ndan Yaa-Naa as well as the time-tested customs and traditions of Dagbon.

“Can the former member of Parliament be candid enough to tell the entire Dagbon what a change of political power can do for the former Regent of Karaga which His Royal Majesty, Ndan Yaa-Naa is unable to do at the moment? Is the Ndan Yaa-Naa no longer the only appointing authority for skins such as Karaga? If he remains the only appointing authority as we all know, including Honourable Dandawa, what then was not done properly by His Majesty which Honourable Dandawa think can be corrected when there is a change of political power? The former lawmaker needs to be forthcoming with answers to these questions.”

“Equally disturbing is the fact that the Former lawmaker clearly made nonsense of the newly revised Dagbon Constitution that upholds the age-old traditional status of the Karaga skin when he questioned why the former Regent be denied the skin when it is his turn. Dagbon Forum wishes to make it known to Honourable Dandawa that the status of the three gate skins of Karaga, Savelugu and Mion is clearly defined and upheld.”

Mr. Sintaro called on politicians across all the political parties to be constantly conscious of the destructions Dagbon suffered as a result of our chieftaincy institution being meddled with politics adding that making unrealistic political promises to chiefs in Dagbon does not only represent the biggest insult to the respected chieftaincy institution but also a desperate attempt to push Dagbon back to its dark past.

“This attitude must be condemned by all well-meaning Dagbamba. The unity and peace of Dagbon override the political interest of any individual or group. We can no longer continue to countenance cheap political expedience as the expense of the wider Dagbon. DF would like all political parties to tell the people they represent in Dagbon what their development agenda is or will be. We are sick and tired to the core of being used as political pawns. The time has come now for Dagbon to rise up and say enough is enough of any political gimmicks”.



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