May 27, 2024

We, the Diaspora sympathizers of the NDC, have taken notice of the forthcoming election of the NDC UK- IRELAND chapter on saturday, and we called and pleaded with the delegates to retain the selfless and committed incumbent chapter chairman, Alhaji Mbalba for a continuation of his excellent and dedicated service towards the collective agenda of bringing back the NDC and President John Dramani Mahama to build the Ghana we want for the future of our unborn generation.

Chairman Mbalba, for the past few years, has demonstrated quality, honest, discipline, and responsible leadership which directly upholds the cardinal principles and values of the NDC and such a great asset need to be maintained to continue serving in humility as usual.

His leadership saw a very responsible, accountable, vibrant, and progressive chapter, and one can boldly affirm that the UK-IRELAND chapter of the National Democratic Congress under the auspices of Hajj Mbalba is the best and well established as compared to others in the diaspora.

The chapter saw a massive membership drive, establishment of many branches, easy accessibility to leadership, close connection between chapter members and the party, registration of new members became very easy among others, which is the best way to mobilize a political party to gain grounds and win election in this century of contemporary politics in the diaspora.

This is a man who is 24/7 available for the party, and the party people, he goes as far as one can imagine to sort personal private problems of party people such as finance, immigration, and others just to make sure every NDC member in the chapter is safe and comfortable, and this is the man the chapter definitely need to continue serving his people and party.

The humility, competence, selflessness and charisma of Alhaji Mbalba is unmatched and we sympathizers of the NDC here in the diaspora appeal to the delegates to vote massively for this industrious servant of the party to keep the chapter active, vibrant and attractive.

Alhaji Mbalba as a social worker who belongs to the left wing ideology has proven to be a servant leader but not master leader, which is the practical definition of social and liberal democratic leadership, and such rare leaders are not thrown out based on hatred, lies, envy and unsubstantiated allegations.

We the Diaspora Sympathizers of the NDC are ready to work closely with the party with our energy and resources here in the chapter and Ghana when we see responsible and dedicated leaders being mandated to serve, and we are bold to point out Alhaji Mbalba as one of the NDC’s biggest and best asset that need to be protected by all standard.

We thank you all for your attention and willingness to retain a humble servant leader for the progress and betterment of the UK IRELAND chapter of our dear party.



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