March 2, 2024

Some individuals believed to be in their late 50s are in the custody of the Mankessim Police Command for allegedly robbing passengers of their valuables at Harom Junction on the Mankessim stretch of the Cape Coast highway.

The modus operandi of the individuals, who are believed to be a couple, is to hire a taxi and pretend to be heading to Cape Coast.

They then stop at bus stops where one of them quickly snatches the bags of passengers while the waiting taxi speeds off.

Luck ran out at Saltpond when they attempted to snatch a passenger’s bag.

They were chased by another vehicle, which resulted in their arrest.

The suspects are currently in the custody of the Mankessim Police Command pending further investigation.

An eyewitness narrated the incident to Citi News:

“I was traveling from Saltpond to Mankessim around 12 p.m. When I reached Harom Junction, I saw a car coming from Saltpond. It tried to cross in front of me, but I almost hit it. One of the passengers in the car alerted me that they were thieves. I was originally heading to Mankessim, but I turned around and followed them.”

“I told an oncoming sprinter driver to follow them too. The sprinter driver crossed them, and I stopped right behind them, blocking their way. They are two men and two women, and they might be in their 50s. The police were called, and they were arrested. They had several purses in their possession, which were packed in a sack. Some of the passengers who were robbed were travelling from Cape Coast and Kumasi.”

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The eyewitness further indicated that the thieves had been terrorizing passengers in the area in recent times.

“A few weeks ago, a passenger I picked complained bitterly about being robbed of GH¢10,000,” he stated.


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